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This includes fostering collaboration with countries and institutions around the world and providing access to internationally competitive facilities and infrastructure. Arguably the Russell Group universities are today still structured in a similar way to that envisaged by von Humboldt two hundred years ago. Undergraduate students share their research at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research This enables the students to assist academic staff with their research whilst also gaining research experience. Ming Zhang, Chinese Slash Fiction. This is embodied by our strategic plan, BU

We are delighted to introduce Bournemouth University’s vision and strategic plan: BU This is the next step in BU’s development, building on our success. We have retained the core of what makes BU different, and the culture and approach that our students and staff value. Watch our animation.

Your Research Strategy

David Yuratich is a lecturer in law with research interests in public and EU law. He is particularly interested in the relationships between courts and democracy, and wrote his PhD thesis on the democracy-building role of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

David is the unit leader for Public Law 1 and also teaches legal skills. She joined the school in following a successful twenty-year career as a US Certified Public Accountant. Her research interests include aspects of personal tax equity and efficiency, financial analysis, environmental reporting and taxation, corporate governance, and fair access to higher education.

Her current areas of interest for research relate to employment and discrimination law. Prior to lecturing in law, Hayley trained and practised as a Solicitor in the commercial department of a local firm, gaining experience in company law, employment law, intellectual property law, and general commercial litigation.

She also spent time with an associate law firm based in Paris. You should discuss with your Deputy Dean for Research what the research strategy is for your Faculty and how you can help them achieve their deliverables. To make sure that you are on our radar and up with the latest news, do let us know what your areas of interest are, along with your research plans.

To find the latest funding opportunities published on the blog, click here. Every BU academic has a Research Professional account which delivers weekly emails detailing funding opportunities in their broad subject area. To really make the most of your Research Professional account, you should tailor it further by establishing additional alerts based on your specific area of expertise. To find the latest information on Research Professional user guides and training webinars, click here.

There are many ways to access information on research funding opportunities see above. You can keep up-to-date with the latest news and opportunities available through these links and find out what their strategic direction is and what they fund.

Ideas cafes are bespoke workshops organised to stimulate discussion around a societal theme. If you have an idea that you would like to run a workshop on then please contact RKEO to discuss how to take this forward.

This is partly about improved the educational facilities, but equally about creating spaces where students can socialise, network and generally enjoy life on campus. As well as developing new, low-carbon footprint buildings that meet the demands of the future, the EDF strategy is all about becoming a World-Class University for students and staff, and aiming to improve their ranking in a number of important university league tables.

During the design of the Student Centre, Willmott Dixon took the Bournemouth University clients on reference visits to similar buildings at Warwick, Coventry, Sheffield and Leicester universities. Students want their Union to be accessible and approachable — and this was right at the heart of the student experience. Willmott Dixon incorporated this feedback and the architects developed designs for a space that was more academically led rather than commercially driven, as may have been the case before the additional research.

This could be layout, choice of furniture, facilities and ambiance, all working together to create a desirable place to be. Soft colours were also selected to enhance the open and transparent facility. This has all culminated in students using the building as their own. Emergency services - The Student Centre was positioned on campus directly next to the fire attendant access, so that full accessibility was maintained throughout the build.

Site Deliveries - All deliveries to the site needed to be coordinated so that the daily operations of the campus were not disrupted. This involved regimented forward planning with suppliers.

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