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Max April 29, at What a joy it is to actually feel like i am understanding the chart and the price action. Thats fine by me! Kave Goh May 18, at 1: Hats of to your guidance, and seriously will recommend others to view it. I have seen many beginning and struggling traders try to trade with charts that look like the second one above with all the indicators on it.

Feb 19,  · This is a very simple method and it is all base on price action, indicator free trading and it is done manually. First you have to open a demo account and make sure that the broker you choose have the ff. pairs (must have) in their platform.

How do you “Keep It Simple”?

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Sep 20,  · Page 2- Simple Trading Method with trader Commercial Content. Sep 08,  · Simple Trading Method with trader Commercial Content. Hello Fellow BTS traders, I came across a thread by some newbie who was so lazy and bored reading this system but think this system has value. Nov 16,  · Simple scalping. Thought I'd share the strategy I use. (I personally use the "trading in the buff" method for seeing that) and stick a line on the chart. That's it. M1 only.(That's not to say it isn't applicable to other tf's, just that I prefer to be in and out) Forex Factory® is a .