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Oanda scores fairly well on the key criteria for a forex broker, and includes some features that are uncommon or nonexistant among other forex brokers. Oanda has been around since the start of the world wide web. It was founded in and has been providing forex trading services since It operates in many countries around the world.

Oanda has a spotless regulatory record. Never have we seen a forex broker who has operated so long in so many countries with such a great track record with its regulators. In the aftermath of the Swiss Franc shock in January , Oanda reported that they were able to use their capital strength to absorb losses and even forgive the negative account balances of their clients that were affected by the event, where permitted by regulations.

Oanda uses the market maker business model. In theory this is detrimental to the client because it puts Oanda in a greater conflict of interest vs other business models like straight through processing. Oanda spreads are all-in with no additional commissions charged. The spreads float based on market conditions, and can widen briefly during news events or at the end of trading sessions. Oanda spreads score in the middle of the pack compared to the other forex brokers we have seen.

For traders who scalp the 1 minute charts, this may not be good enough and a broker with tighter spreads would be more desirable. However, for traders who trade the 4 hour or daily charts, these spreads are likely adequate and other factors are more appropriate for choosing a broker. Oanda is to be commended for publishing their historical spreads in the name of transparency, which most other brokers will not do.

The following are some samples of their historical spreads:. Call or schedule an appointment. TDFX - our online foreign exchange trading system - provides real-time quotes and direct execution of your transactions. With TDFX, you get full access to a foreign exchange specialist by phone and the ability to trade online in up to 27 different currencies. Need advice on trading or help developing a customized risk management solution to manage foreign exchange risk? An experienced TD Bank Foreign Exchange Specialist can offer you personalized advice and customized solutions to help you make informed decisions.

Better manage inbound and outbound foreign payments. Type of Orders Market order, limit order, stop loss order, if done order, if done limit order, OCO order. Interest Interest will be charged for deficit currencies due to margining or unrealised losses. Interest will be calculated daily and reflected on your statement at the beginning of the next month.

Contra Positions Intra-day low buy and low sell position will be contra first followed by first out low buy and low sell. The hard copy of the daily activity statement can also be posted to your registered address the next working day upon your request.

All positions will be marked-to-market using settlement price New York close to reflect the realized profit and loss. Please note that you would have to take due care in checking the statement. UOB is highly rated among the world's top banks: Market Insights and Analysis. The FX market, unlike other financial markets, has no physical location or central exchange.

Trading Hours Other financial markets' trading hours are dictated by the market hours of the exchanges and time zones which they are located, whereas the FX market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, making it a liquid market throughout the day. FX Leveraged Margin Trading. Although it is attractive to trade on the FX market, the initial investment, as with any other financial products, can be relatively high.

A minimum of SGD30, to open the account. The minimum contract size per transaction is , of the base currencies.

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