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In early , driven by a strategic planning process that established three Centers of Excellence COE , we implemented disease management as the foundation for a new approach to performance improvement utilizing five key strategies. Record Inventory Management Track, manage and apply policy to your active and inactive records, wherever they reside, with Accutrac. This case study of one health care organization that undertook just such a comprehensive program, chronicles the steps involved, the categories of health care professionals necessary to support ongoing communication and education, and the need for physician partnerships to sustain the program and achieve results. Your practice will provide you with More information. This will not affect any of the application sessions in progress.

Feb 05,  · TRIMS - Trade Record Information Management System TRIMS is developed for the Global Trade Finance Division (GTFD) of CITIBANK. TRIMS meets the processing requirements of various Global Trade entities worldwide.

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Improve Visibility into Exposure with Advanced Risk Management Software With risk management at the top of the agenda, your efforts to develop a true culture of risk may be challenged by internal silos and disparate platforms. Create a holistic view of risk for managing and pricing risk across the enterprise. Work across all asset classes to better understand your enterprise risk exposure and comply with global regulations. Integrate market, credit, liquidity and operational risk management with advanced risk management solutions.

Gain the ability to perform full and multidimensional analysis of your balance sheet. More accurately model interest rate scenarios, economic valuation, customer behavior and many other variables. Strategically manage your surplus cash reserves, releasing cash as appropriate for generating revenue.

Ensure that regulatory standards are met. Empower different business units to work on the same data platform, whether pursuing specific objectives or corporate goals. Understand the data lineage of the information contained in your risk management reports. Rely on the audit and control workflows in the FIS solution to ensure risk data is under appropriate governance.

Consolidate as much of your risk data in one secure and robust risk infrastructure. More efficiently manage regulatory reporting across Pillar 1 and Pillar 3 in all jurisdictions under which you are required to report. Reduce reporting lead times through a capital management solution that streamlines the process associated with monthly and quarterly regulatory report submissions. Minimize the manual work and costs associated with reporting processes driven by IT and finance.

More fully support the day-to-day decision-making of frontline staff with a key input into risk-adjusted performance monitoring. Improve auditability and traceability.

Enable business users to define bottom-up stress tests via a flexible scenario analysis module. Gain a full picture of your credit exposures across the trading book counterparty risk , banking book lending, trade finance, etc.

Run complex calculations based on an aggregation of all risk-taking activities as they happen. Measure, manage and control your credit exposure under a global limits framework reflecting true credit appetite at meaningful levels of your portfolio.

Make better business decisions, such as pricing at inception, based on a more accurate and complete picture of credit risk. Achieve regulatory and economic capital savings through the use of effective risk mitigation. Reduce the operational overhead of managing your credit limits framework through intelligent workflows covering predeal approvals, limit approvals and breach management.

Gain a single counterparty credit risk management solution to measure, manage and control exposures under a multidimensional global limits framework. Aggregate exposures respecting netting agreements, collateral pools, central clearing and bilateral margining. Quickly and accurately assess predeal the incremental impact of a potential transaction on all affected limits and XVAs.

Identify the optimal counterparty from a limits and capital consumption perspective for a given transaction. Better Management of the Capital Impacts. Optimize capital across approaches with real-time what-if capability. Strategically position against interest rate movements and optimize the funding mix for a higher and more stable earnings stream Achieve stable returns and dividend payments in a changing macro environment for a lower cost of capital Leverage hedging strategies to effectively mitigate interest rate risk Request more information.

Support stage allocation with ease. Forecast future loss allowances under various business scenarios and economic conditions. Make credit risk an integral part of balance sheet management. Ensure reliable IM calculations and efficient clearing processes with a dedicated risk management software solution. Reduce trading and collateral costs. Perform high-performance simulations for potential future exposure under initial margin and MVA calculations.

One of the most challenging aspects for many firms is measuring and agreeing to the initial margin to be posted between covered counterparties. From a computational point of view, the methodology contains many details that require accurate implementation. By concentrating operational and latterly more analytical and strategic activities into a centre of excellence, our operating business units would be able to focus on growth rather than diverting resources into activities such as accounting and compliance.

Since our GFO centre here was first established, we have built a team of finance professionals who provide all accounting, control, compliance, statutory reporting and treasury operations for legal entities, with accounts and 40 banks across Europe, Eurasia and Africa.

As we have migrated local operations from each country into GFO, we continue to look for ways to streamline our activities to allow us to scale up our activities and deliver additional value year-on-year.

Inevitably, this becomes increasingly challenging as the organisation matures and all the obvious efficiency opportunities have already been captured.

Technology is a key enabler to achieving our efficiency and control objectives and supporting the business effectively as it grows. We use an ERP which forms the backbone of our operations. Although we use SAP wherever feasible, we also use specialist solutions such as a treasury management system TMS , although we plan to replace our current system with another specialist TMS in due course.

Currently, we connect our TMS to our banks to obtain bank balance information, but we still receive bank information by email in some cases, so we need to collate these balances manually before creating our daily cash position, forecasting cash flow and managing internal funding. This is inevitably a complex process given that we manage around a significant of our global cash position across 80 currencies. However, we are currently centralising our cash management activities with our strategic banking partner Citibank in London, which will simplify this issue, but this is a lengthy task given the localised nature of our business and the number of countries and legal entities involved.

Although our GFO was primarily transaction-focused to start with, we were able to become more analytical and customer focused as processes became more automated, with operational requirements largely restricted to exceptions management.

We therefore became involved in a wider range of activities, such as balance sheet analytics, engaging with business units to understand and manage financial risks and opportunities. Now, we are entering a third phase, focusing on strategy, building trusted partnerships with our business units, and identifying further opportunities to add value.

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9 28 April Best Practices in Trade Services • Structuring the language of the L/C • Technical questions Citi Trade Care Addresses our Clients’ Pain Points. Trade Information Management System, or TRIMS, and an award-. Citi treasury and trade solutions in 90+ countries and + currencies. accessing services directly from a treasury management system, CitiConnect for SWIFT • Qualified teams with a proven track record for delivering results One-Window Connectivity. Citibank ® Custom Reporting System. Managing your cash flow can be a daunting task if you don’t have the data you need when you need it.