I place the order in the first step with OrderSend, and receive an acknowledgment that this was successful. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Today when i tried to open an order for buying gold, i got the message "off quotes" and order did not execute. If you understand the MQL, then we invite you to join the forum team as a Specialist. Click to post on this thread Possible pre-conditions for start the discussion: Finance is copyrighted by us or the original sources and protected under intellectual property law and international copyright laws.

Nov 30,  · Stuck with open orders on MT4 "Off Quotes" Platform Tech.

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Click to post on this thread Possible pre-conditions for start the discussion: The error message Off Quotes happens because of a technical issue or because an order is placed that is not supported by the MT4 platform. Here we cover frequently asked The broker has not supplied with prices or refused, for any reason for example, no prices at the session start Fast, simple and reliable, this was one of the original platforms to deliver customer orders direct to the CME Great trading systems provides free forex trading systems for metatrader, ninjatrader.

Free metatrader indicators, trading system reviews for Secret Stock Index What's the difference between an "off quotes" and "requote" message on MT4?

I know that the "requote" message asks the trader if he wants to deal at another price quote , but I have been looking at the logs of one of our traders using a variable spread institutional feed through MT4 and I can't determine why sometimes he gets one message and sometimes another.

Furthermore, if MT4 is a Fill or Kill system, why do these messages even come up at all? In other words, if the system price is outside of the deviation setting, why doesn't MT4 simply reject the order and leave the quote box up, rather than generate an "off quotes" message, force the trader to press "OK", then bring up the order entry box again and repeat all of this time consuming process?

Is there a way to configure MT4 to allow manual traders to simply click and get either an instant execution or a rejection - AND then, if the trader gets a rejection, leave the order entry box up allowing the trader to continue clicking like mad until he gets executed?

We are using an experimental multi-liquidity provider feed with a variable spread through MT4 similar to CX. We cannot disclose anything until all our tests are done due to non-disclosure agreements. Can someone shed light on these things, please. For someone who claims to have others "traders" working under you you sure sound like a rank amatuer. There are no experts on this subject out there - only amateurs.

I simply fund traders. Even though I have "been around the block," you don't need a PhP to do this. Why message off quotes? Forex market is high-yield and risky mean of taking profit by operations with the currency rates.

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Mar 22,  · I've written an expert for MT4 that is giving ERR_OFF_QUOTES errors trying to modify an existing order. There are mainly 2 cases when the "Off Quotes" message appears on MT4 platform Orders that don't follow the. Introduction Video - Mt4 off quotes Tutorial 2 - MetaTrader 4 Trade Window MT4 is a breathtaking program with many traders that are often not extraordinary at first glance.