Download the Source on GitHub. Open Exchange Rates 4. Again the underlying price is indicated by a vertical dashed line. Stock and market price data service. I'm actually not affiliated with Quandl, I just know that it's a place to get data.

Google lists stock options on there finance site. An example of this is this one for AAPL’s option chain. With a very small modification to this you can get the data in a JSON like format.

Google Stock API

What to do… why, StackOverflow of course! Now, if you had the presence of mind to add that isValidJSONObject check this time, you would be surprised to see that it is still invalid! I removed much of the puts and calls arrays to shorten the text. Now I have what I need and can parse this data into my own data structures. With the data source squared away, I spent a lot of time implementing the flow and layout provided by our excellent designer, Josh.

Life was good, too good. I had made a bad assumption; Yahoo requests returned all option data for all expiry dates so I assumed that Google did as well.

Turns out that this key tells us that the put and call data is for this expiry date only. You cannot request all put and call data at once. In my test app there were a dozen or so expiry dates that had no option data at all! It was absolutely critical that I have the rest of that data or the app would be useless, unable to provide even a demo for an option trader.

I was feeling the cold fist of failure reaching inside my body to tear out my heart. I held my dog and cried a little, but then I straightened up, wiped my face with my dog and leapt into action. There has to be something on the internet somewhere that describes how to use the Google api to get date-based option information.

I had to get creative. How do you format the query string to request a particular month? The query string I used had no date information. Can I use Charles to nab the request url that page uses to get its data? I have a doubt. How can we get days open,high,low,and last price and volume in between trading hours? This is awesome, it is exactly what I have been looking for. But I want to modify it to show stock options quotes, not just the primary equity quote.

I know C, and a bit of Ruby, so I should be able to modify the code. But I need to know what the URL looks like to get an options quote, do you know that?

What language is "The Code" written in? Related Searches google chrome portable exe what is used to compress google javascript google dns block facebook google mmxl logo show google analytics codeigniter installing google search cloud perl Free Google Nexus S Root Procedure. This service is going down in October, By digitalpbk on 24 Apr, I want price of Gold metal. By Ankur on 05 Apr, Ask New Question Sign In.

What are some good APIs to get real time stock quotes? Download our free eBook now! You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. What free stock data api should my startup use? Thanks for ask to answer. Quantopian Quantopian is a backtesting platform that allows you to test investment strategies in the United States.

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The Code in Python

C# Code to use the Google Stock API. NOTE: This uses, it’s free, you can get it from Nuget in Visual Studio by just right-clicking Resources and . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We were using the Yahoo Finance API to get stock price information. That was pretty straightforward, but I needed option chain information and I found the Yahoo methods to be very (very, very) slow.