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Check Access Check Access. If, however, Broker 1 receives an order from a customer to sell bonds and acts as agent in that transaction, the transaction reports would be as follows: As a general matter, corporate debt that, at issuance, has a maturity of one year or less is not TRACE eligible and, therefore, is not subject to the TAF. The settlement of a futures product is subject to the TAF if settlement results in the physical delivery of the underlying security or securities. How is the TAF applied to covered debt securities transactions with investment advisors that ultimately allocate the order among multiple customers?

The starting point of our paper is the recognition that the valuation benefit from options to a firm should depend on options trading activity, over and beyond the presence of an options market on the firm's stock.

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1 Options Trading Activity and Firm Valuation by Richard Roll, Eduardo Schwartz, and Avanidhar Subrahmanyam August 18, Abstract We study the effect of options trading volume on the value of the underlying firm. Options Trading Activity and Firm Valuation. Annals of the International Masters of Business Administration at UNC Wilmington. written by . Request PDF on ResearchGate | Options trading activity and firm valuation | Options may have an effect on firm value because they help complete markets and stimulate informed trades. However.