Basics of algorithmic trading: Concepts and examples

Choose your currency pair, and trade with confidence. And we've even added two moving averages to help you. With the Renko Live Charts indicator, not only do you get the standard option to define the renko bar size, but we have taken it a step further, giving you the option to create the charts based on Average True Range ATR. Yes I would like to purchase the full package, thanks for the offer it is great value. Buying the Quantum currency matrix is even easier — just click the button below, and start trading low risk probabilities, based on a complete view of every currency pair.

Finally, developing the very best dynamic trading indicators which can be matched to your own trading style, is what we strive to achieve. No two traders are the same, and we try to incorporate this into every indicator we develop.

Automated Trade Execution

We are committed to giving you the best possible algorithm design experience. Opt in users can have their strategies presented to hedgefund clients in a transparent professional strategy dashboard.

Strategies are validated by QuantConnect's backtesting and live trading, giving you a neutral third party review of code. Interested hedgefunds can contact you directly through QuantConnect to offer you employment or funding for your strategy! We have one of the largest quantitative trading communities in the world, building, sharing and discussing strategies through our community.

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World Class Execution Our live trading algorithms are co-located next to the market servers in Equinix NY7 for resilent, secure and lightening fast execution to the markets. Have some great ideas? Lets test it out! Professional Quality, Open Data Library Design strategies with our carefully curated data library, spanning global markets, from tick to daily resolution.

Equities We offer Equities tick data going back to January for every symbol traded, totaling over 29, stocks. Options We offer option trades and quotes down to minute resolution, for every option traded on ORPA since , covering millions of contracts. Quant Trade has developed low latency co-location services for brokerage firms, high frequency statistical arbitrage models for an offshore hedge fund, numerous trading platforms, and a variety of non-linear trading indicators.

We are making it available to our clients as a system service. Soon it will be the center piece of a commodity pool that will also become available to investors. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of new developments.

Bloomberg Developers Vast experience in development of custom studies for Bloomberg Professional. Short-term forecasts are made using our Fractal Finance algorithms. ROXI uses the forecasts to trade until profit objectives are met each day.

Yet few forex traders ever discover how to correctly interpret the start of a new trend, or indeed the end of an old one. The forex traders worst enemy. Step forward - the Quantum Trends indicator. With this simple and elegant indicator, dynamic trends are painted for you instantly and dynamically, in real time.

In forex you need to be quick on your feet, and the Quantum Trends indicator delivers in spades! But even better, not only will it signal your possible entry and exit, it also signals a market in congestion - equally important. Knowing when to stay out, is just as important as knowing when to get in. Grab your copy of the Quantum Trends indicator now - and bring your charts, and your trading to life. Volume is another powerful leading indicator provided by your MT4 broker.

Yet few forex traders ever take advantage of its awesome power. Because identifying volume trends using the standard indicator can be confusing, and judging volume height even more so! The Quantum Tick Volumes indicator takes a simple tool and makes it come to life! First, it paints the volume bar to match the candle. This makes it quick and easy to identify buying and selling volume with the associated price action. Second, the Quantum Tick Volume indicator displays a dynamic mid point, instantly telling you whether volumes are high, average or low in the session.

Volume analysis made simple - making it easy to spot profitable trading opportunities - fast! The Quantum Dynamic Price Pivots indicator, could best be described as the Swiss army knife of trading.

Power, simplicity and functionality all in one tool. Many forex traders struggle to identify reversal points based on price action alone. Because you need to have a complete understanding of candlesticks, candles and candle patterns. Well struggle no more! The dynamic pivot appears once a three candle price pattern is created.

This is one of the first signs of a possible change in sentiment, based on the price action alone. A pivot high in an up trend, and pivot low in a down trend. So whether you are trading long or short, the Quantum Dynamic Price Pivots indicator will instantly give you a visual signal to - pay attention!

Powerful, yet so simple, and two indicators in one! Another dynamic indicator that works in real time. Are you getting the picture? Trading success is all about taking and making decisions at the live edge of the market - that's why we call them dynamic. If you are one of those forex traders, endlessly drawing lines on your charts, and confusing yourself.

Support and resistance is one of the most powerful concepts for the technical trader. These price regions are where the institutions buy and sell, creating these natural levels. It is here, that prices pause, and often reverse, giving two benefits in one. First, a great place to get in, and secondly even more importantly, a place to close out, and take profits off the table!

Now at last, you have a tool to do all the hard work for you - dynamically. Just apply the indicator, and sit back. Put away your drawing tools forever, and let the Quantum Dynamic Support and Resistance indicator do all the hard work for you! What are you waiting for? Volatility can be both good and bad. Great for making money fast. Not so good when you're on the losing side! But how do you know when a market is volatile.

And more importantly, what is normal? The Quantum Dynamic Volatility indicator is designed with one objective in mind. To show you, dynamically volatile price action.

You then decide, based on the price action, whether to wait, or take advantage. One of the hardest things to learn in trading, is when to stay out. The Quantum Dynamic Volatility indicator makes this child's play - keep you safe. It could almost be called your safety belt! Again it answers the question - is the US dollar strong or weak? In this case, the index is based on a very simple basket of four currencies, all equally weighted.

And you might ask why? The simple answer is that one forex traders feel the DXY index is too heavily weighted with the euro. The basket of currencies includes the Australian dollar, a key currency for commodities. Just add to your chart, and take your trade with confidence.

And at these prices - why not try both! The trio of currency indices is completed with the Japanese yen. Another risk currency, and one which few forex traders truly understand. Many traders simply ignore the Yen cross pairs, as too difficult and volatile to trade.

Yet these pairs offer some of the best trading opportunities in the forex market. Get it right, and you will make money fast. Wouldn't it be great if you could trade these pairs with confidence? A simple indicator which solves a difficult problem. Choose your Yen currency pair, add the indicator, and away you go.

Now you can trade the Yen cross currency pairs with confidence. The euro is the third of our trio of influential currencies in the forex market after the US dollar and the Japanese yen, and whilst the dollar index has been available for many years, an equivalent index for the euro has been hard to find….. If you are trading the euro, either in a major or cross currency pair, this index will help you make sense of the currency and in turn, related pairs. So look no further and invest in one today.

In the world of forex, there are two currencies which drive the markets more than any other. One is the US dollar, the other is the Japanese yen.

How does it work?

Trading Systems. Rethink Strategy, Think RQ. At RQ, we focus on the development, implementation and monitoring of quantitative and algorithmic trading systems. In the electronic financial markets, "quant" and "algo" trading is defined as the systematic application of trading strategies through the use of computer programs. Quant Trade is a financial technology (fintech) firm founded in the heart of the Chicago financial district. We have developed trading solutions for clients that vary from a billion dollar energy company to retail commodity traders. Quantum Trading Indicators Full Package for MT4/MT5. The package of Quantum Trading indicators can be described in three words. Dynamic risk indicators. Every indicator has been designed with this objective in mind. To help you identify and quantify the risk on each trade, every step of the way. From start to finish. And more importantly – in real .