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You are correct about 19th September — my trade started at and ended at with a profit of 45 pts after commission. But you can log in back into the system later on at GMT to make some minor adjustments as needed. There are a hell of a lot of scamsters out there, but please be aware of the opportunities that are also out there. Week 17 — 2 bets — all winners — profit of 39 pts Week 18 — 4 bets — all winners — profit of pts which is the best week yet. Sometimes he uses candle stalks, other times candle bodies. Just a comment about that dreaded three-letter word TAX.

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A Minus B Gambling System Review Agora

What makes this system even more appealing is the fact that it does not require top notch PC specs to operate, but a bog standard computer and basic math skills are the essential prerequisites. So what is the A minus B system exactly? Well quite briefly, it is neither a forex, sports nor a casino betting system, but rather a system of trading in the German Stock Exchange DAX. Making tax free cash with the A minus B gambling system requires just 5 minutes of your time per day, and spending anymore according to the author—James Piper aka David Houghton is next to impossible.

Brought to you by Agora Lifestyles—a company conceived in with a mission to bring you premium information and advice on how to make money, save money and improve your lifestyle, the a-b system is one of many of their highly successful tools that is geared to helping you achieve financial freedom. In addition to conceptualizing a plethora of winning strategies, Piper has also authored several trading books across a wide range of disciplines including Spread Betting, Binary Betting and the bestselling The Way To Trade.

The a minus b gambling system is a betting platform that involves subtracting one 4 digit number from another without messing up either with a calculator or with your innate Pythagoras skills. What it is not is a sports betting platform, poker or other similar games of chance, forex or fixed odd betting. Where do you buy the a-b system?

At that price for the system only, the A Minus B is not the cheapest offering in its segment, but considering it is designed by a reputed player in this space, it is definitely worth a second look. What makes this is system distinct from its competition is the sheer fact that you are betting on the DAX and not putting money on a virtual casino table. And unlike other similar offerings that promise millions of dollars in profits with little or no efforts, David Houghton claims that the system when done correctly can help you achieve financial freedom, and from anywhere by using a basic laptop and an internet connection.

Support is another area where the a-b system ranks well, with prompt replies to any queries you may have. Although there is no official forum for the system, most members claim that the system does work, but you have to bet more for big wins. After scouring through several A Minus b system reviews, we did find a few members who were unclear about whether or not this system is indeed tax free.

Indeed you are left in no doubt that as with any system there will be losers- sometimes maybe a string of them which is refreshingly honest. There should also be strings of winners of course! Things have been quiet over the past couple of weeks but this is probably due to the low volume at this time of year. I see no reason why this system should suddenly stop working, although I accept that it could of course. Gap trading is nothing new and the gaps will always be there to exploit.

Does it offer value for money? Well worth a try in my opinion! The ammount of systems ive got i think ill start up system swop shop u never know could take off. Just a comment about that dreaded three-letter word TAX. Its true to say that all such winnings are free of capital gains tax. However, if anyone earns their main income from any of the above, they WILL have to pay income tax on it. This is something that none of the purveyors of systems EVER make clear.

The reason is that losses i. That in turn would mean that a self-employed person making a decent income from one business could claim that betting was his even bigger business. He could then scour betting shops for losing slips, claim these as major losses against a few ficticious winners, and claim a big overall tax write-down. I do a bit of sports arbitrage and as far as I am aware the proceeds from betting are not free of tax income tax or capital gains if it is your main source of income.

By all means check it but i am certain that Maynard is right — and for the very good reasons stated. By all means ring an Accountant or the Inland Revenue but i am completely certain you are wasting your time!

The Tax question interests me too. The remainder of my time I operate as day trader in Spread-betting. The income from trading is now exceeding my normal work income, and my aim eventually is to trade full-time. With this in mind, I asked my Accountant what the tax situation would be in such a case.

He said that,although he had no direct experience of S. B,his view was that, if my sole income derived from S. B the Inland Revenue would find a way to asses that income for tax. On the plus side, any losses could be offset against tax due. I suggested that I might raise the question with the said body. I would also like to add my thanks to this wonderful website.

You get a mailshot through the door and low and behold you come on here and can read all about it. JohnU Thanks for that link, does help to clarify the situation. Accountants are cautious by nature I guess, and to be fair to mine, I did spring the question on him.

Mind you I was also told the definition of an Actuary is someone who found accountancy too exciting so perhaps not all is lost. Can anyone here point me in the direction of anything that makes consistent money. I took the loan out 8 years ago but due to unforseen health problems I am unable to do any physical work.

I like to think of myself being mentally okay for my age but no mastermind I would be very grateful for any info that I could use to my advantage. Thanks in advance to all the decent people that could maybe help. Hi don I have been working on a system for about 12 months, with uncanny results. I have paper proofed these and hardly ever seem to lose at least on paper.

I have always bottled at launching it or fully using it, but would like another set of eyes to look over it with a sceptical viewpoint who is not connected to the industry.. Needs a few betfair accounts working together to maybe work better, but having only recently retired so only now have more time to explore possibilities. In your situation I would stay away from anything to do with the gambling side of things with all its ups and downs. Not to good on the ol ticker and that.

You should go down the business route. Have you had a look at the Chris Farrell membership site that was reviewed on here not many moons ago?

It has a lot of positive feedback on the internet. The cost is small and Mike is very helpful. Well said gail,i could not agree more,there is a lot out there which does work if you put your mind to it,DEC 11TH ,nice to see a few more positive mindsets around. If you can explain a bit without giving too much away someone may be able to help. Just a quick point on tax for gambling, I have heard from a good source, and, I have no reason to doubt him, as the government are doing everything they can to increases taxes, that if your main income is made from gambling, then it is taxable.

I have always assumed that profits gleaned from betting, professionally done or otherwise was tax free and have never given it a second thought. We had advice on this from a tax lawyer and a former Judge who sat in the specilised tax court and it comes down to whether or not the proceeds of gambling are your main income. That way you never have to even deal with questions about how you support yourself etc. I can fully understand what you are going through, I devised an excellent laying system which took me 3 years.

All under at odds under 4. It worked so well it scared me, so I launched it with real money and it bombed. It did not bomb according to my system rules — it bombed due to my lack of patience and discipline! There used to be a tax on betting, of course.

You could choose to pay tax on your stake or from your winnings. This was abolished some years ago, but this would be a workable way to make punters pay tax on their betting activities. To be taxed on your winnings over the course of a year, though, would open up all sorts of possibilities. Perhaps there should be a tax on bingo or scratch card winnings, too! They certainly would want to charge a lot more than a few hundred quid to share such hard won knowledge and of course if too many people get involved then the returns diminish following the immutable law of diminishing returns.

I hope that I am wrong and one or two things that I am considering will come off this year but am not optimistic at present. I rather think that any attempt to tax winnings would open up a right can of worms with virtually no net gain for the Exchequer!!. The glass half-full man,it will be interesting to see your response to the above realistic comment.

Here we go guys- I have copied this link to the Inland Robin sorry Revenue site. It all seems pretty interesting but i can bet that we will all have a lot more views on this before it gets done and dusted. I live in hopes but for most of us i suspect its several bridges to far to ever need to worry about this! For the record i am not saying any are acting illegally. Osborn and his cronies must be delighted that it was never repealed! I have been devising Horse Racing Systems for over 30 years — always expect the unexpected.

One system I produced for myself in the s produced 29 winners on the trot pardon the pun a lot were odds on nevertheless I thought I had cracked it….. I would like to thank all those kind folk who emailed me and offered to look over the method I mentioned in my post last week, when replying to don A few have pointed out that I should have an anti-disclosure clause put into any agreement I may set up with anybody.

Great idea and one I would not have thought of,and goes to proove that this site is tops for fair minded, ordinary people helping fellow punters in their quest for a grail of the holy sort! This thing in my head stands any scrutinty, and I often go to the free timeform site and paper proof a whole meeting in minutes. The last 3 days of meetings have given me losses on 2 races, and all the other races winning lots of virtual money. Spreading the risk between well connected trusted partners, and mitigating a developing major loss in play would be a back stop, but its too simple in its purist form to go on any more about it.

When the favourite wins you pocket a tenner off each loser and pay the winner under a tenner if its odds on, as usually is. Good Luck to all of you.

Frankly i would keep your money in your pocket. Rightly or wrongly Streetwise reputation has generally plummeted in recent years. The decision of course is yours! JohnU You say you have tried many of the Forex etc, products out there. He seems to have been going for a number of years,and has a lot of positive testimonials. Must be a reason. Following on from my previous comments: I sent mine back after a couple of weeks, having concluded it was not going to deliver.

Do you trade full time John? I would love to do it but im finding it very hard to first of all learn the proper methods, and i dont know if it is possible to trade full time anyway. I follow Pate and its good, but it still takes alot of experience to be able to do it well.

I didnt ask for a Refund because i never actually traded with real dosh. There are people who trade Full-time, but not many and certainly most are probably unlikely to frequent this Site. I still have not fully mastered the Psychology part and i have been working at Forex on and off for 4 years!

The reason i keep persevering — and currently only with Demo Trading is that i want to be able to Trade successfully. They even appear to be applying exactly the same rules but in fact are not!

To be honest, knowing generally what i know now, i would advise people to start with Betting or general Business Opportunities rather than Forex. Tks for reply re Markets Mastered. I think I will have a carefull look into it before taking any further. Are you still doing it? The people who make money from forex are the bankers as they have access to info that your average hopeful using technical analysis and such like can only dream of. Bankers — using this info — can trade virtully risk free.

Have you ever heard of anyone making a fortune from stock or forex charts alone? But there is plenty of money to be made selling trading systems. MoreMoneyReview and all the wonderful, selfless contributors of reviews.

Please be aware, you all are doing a great job. You guys and gals take your precious time to make us newbees aware or beware is highly commendable.

I hope to be amoungst this esteemed community as a contributor one day. The PATE thread on this site has many examples of people doing very well in the markets. Esling,great post,it appears that the world is caving in and nothing is of a workable nature to some….. The publishing world is a great industry, and i love it if im honest, because it brings me opportunities daily, and i dont have to go looking for them, what i did have to do is train my mind not to system hop and finish with one potential concept before a purchased another…….

There are a hell of a lot of scamsters out there, but please be aware of the opportunities that are also out there. But if you honestly believe that in the main nothing works and thats your views, then its not for you, and you will almost certainly fail at whatever you trade.

Systems that work such as LTD,…. This is a tough game, but its certainly doable, if thats what you choose. There is also another issue that is common place in the industry and i feel its important to address it,if you have done your research in the first instance,you will know what the refund policies are.

What you have to do is log results, log trades,so if things do not go your way and a system is flawed you can PROVE it to the vendor, and this is something that people appear not to be doing. Simply purchasing a system ,reading it, not liking the method, and not trialing it in any way is not a reason for any vendor to refund you….. They also have there rights to protect against illegal fraudulent strategies.

If you abide by the rules then yes you have a case, and thats the way to go. And your ability to be honest. I am fairly new to trading. But the only thing that is simple about it is how to lose a pile of cash very quickly if you are not careful. Decided in the end to put my live account on hold and started collected various indicators to test on my demo account.

To cut a long story short, I hired an MT4 developer to create such an indicator and am now testing its accuracy. The moral of the story is that apart from the indicator that I commissioned, the rest were all free.

You can pick up free systems, ebooks, indicators and anything else you need for forex or binary by joining http: Scarbough, love it and its all true what you said.. From this particular A minus B comments I also found something I like and started working on it Bonus Bagging, really good!

I understand what you mean. However, as with anything in life, some things are not always that straight forward. Another reason I keep records is to reassure myself when the system goes through a bad patch.

By referring to my records, I can see that losing spells are normal and that if I persevere, I will profit in the end; this is assuming that the product has been proven to work in the long term, of course.

If however, we keep records or logs to enable us to receive a refund from a vendor, should things not work out, then this is a completely different kettle of fish. I would define a System as a product that instructs the user about what to do with the application of specific rules. System users are NOT required to exercise judgement. I would define a Method as a product that provides the user with broad concepts that need to be understood and applied.

Method users ARE required to exercise their judgement within the confines of these less specific and broader parameters. Clearly, METHOD users will not be able to request refunds based entirely on log evidence because it will not be possible to produce log evidence. I suggest that potential purchasers need to be aware of this before they part with their hard earned.

In return, vendors have a moral responsibility to make such matters clear in their sales copy and the conditions that pertain to the guarantee. If the system is genuine and profitable then they should be more forthcoming with details of what it actually does. They are taking us for fools. There are plenty of excellent free tools out there from developers who are proud of their work and happy to share and none of them brag about spending months at a time in exotic places.

Yes I bought this system and returned it within the 30 days trial period. It is all about Gap trading on the DAX, and in 30 days there were only 3 opportunities to trade. I am a novice but it is simple to understand. The losses exceeded any potential gain. The markets may have been flat on that particular month but trading was very slow. Over comments and seemingly very few people actually using it!

If you have read through you will find a few positive comments. The only person that can is of course yourself. Okay, thanks, but im still not sure on whether it will make that pound profit. It sounds to good to be true. What do you think? And if you dont think i should go for this do you have any suggestions that will make me profits of any kind.

Oh sorry The A to B System that is. Not a bad idea but nevertheless a noticeable difference in behaviour and tactics.

The bulk of it is now on a website eg http: So if you really want to know about it, buy it and test it for yourself. Have you any further comments since you posted a week ago or are you returning it? I wonder if you are discussing the 5 Secrets course written by Jim Hunt.

I pay Sreetwise monthly for each part which I think has ten in all. I am halfway through and not that impressed though maybe others have different thoughts and have made some money trading etc. Great to find this site and thanks for all the useful comments regarding various biz opps. Usually back into my bank within about 7 working days.

Some contributors are keen amateurs, others are clearly professionals. Sign up and they have a fantastic and funny school to learn all the key steps in the business. What you do seem to get are loads of attempts to sell you anything else via e-mail etc.

I guess they have to monetize the site somehow! Take a look and make your own minds up. Be interested in your views. Following my post on Feb 23, the A minus B system did not improve, and in fact the paper trading betting bank increased its loss. So it went back and, as usual, I received a prompt and polite refund from Streetwise. So I researched gap trading which is what this is a bit and found that A minus B is really too simplistic a version of a comparatively well known method to work properly.

Which i have found here, so will not be wasting my time with it. This is because ALL have 2 brain lobes which offer 2 viewpoints, oka Relativity, for every view, or Reality. EVERY human is an energy transformer with only those who are able to create energy being the ones who are able to truly destroy. Within the realm of duality which is merely the tusseling between diametric but tethered states, oka the different faces of the same coin, reality is merely the relativity between the opposing protagonists.

When there is only the apparent choice, blind-blindedness is then the reality. That of gambling where a winning gamble is merely the latency of its losing gamble.

This being about gambling, it is benevolent to realise that under perfect conditions, a gamble will realise neither gain nor loss.

Hands up those who cannot see that should there be a foolproof way of making money, oka The Golden Goose, no dual natured human will be selling said Goose nor Its Egg. Gamblers win because of the statistic whereby should one be riding on the favourable stats, getting out while the gamble is favourable is then the means to winning at gambling — should one not resort to cheating or milking the patsy before he awakes.

When it comes to gambling, it is also benevolent to realise that the realm of humanity is one of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. This is because when energy transformation is the reality, The Zero Sum is then the means to realising a gain.

This principle will not change so long as one is dual-natured. The joke then is that there are those who spend their whole life trying to convince others that they are singularly natured.

Numpties like politicians and the sellers of dreams. When an entity is only an energy transformer, his duty is to Take and Take and Take, oka Of Conditionality and Being Conditioned whereas the sole duty of those who are able to create energy is to Give and Give and Give, those who are Unconditional, those who have no inkling what Taking is or means.

This Simplicity Eludes the majority of humans, oka the dual natured, who would like others to imagine that they are singularly natured. When some one is selling his Golden Goose, it is because that goose had been well and truly cooked. Hands up those who would like to disagree. Just like the religiously hallelujahing who try to deny Adrenaline and Acetylcholine as they impatiently wait for the sweet little angels and their choir practice session.

As for the remainder of the original , they might as well give you the money in exchange for a good luck kiss — right on the kisser should they want it. Yes, they use those good folks to testify to the efficacy of the product. Now, where would you like the hardest kick …. Down there or up thar. It depends on whether one is stupid or dumb, of course, The Timing being the reality and not Time.

Stupidity being the latency of Dumbness, it really does not matter because sooner or later, the pain will be felt all over. Realise too [because knowing is insufficient for the task] that ANY human who sells dreams is dual natured with his singularity of nature being reserved for his malevolence. Do not confuse Knowledge with Its Empowerment.

There, this should set the cat amongst the pigeons. Anyone want my moving average system? Am sure its as good as most. Since I bought a so called arbitrage system from these spivs streetwise many moons ago with the arbs vanishing in the blink of an eyelid,I have been very wary of them.

However I am ashamed to admit that I paper traded a horseracing system some years ago for an entire season some 80 races and just about doubled my bank! I never had the bottle rto follow it up with real money, yet I could with a mobile and betfair, and iam still working shifts at nearly 67!. Tell me I am insane! Just had the umpteenth mailshot about this. It includes a testimonial from the future, dated 2nd Feb Just received yet another mailshot from streetwise even after asking them not to send any more.

I would not buy any more systems from them not after being refused a refund. Good evening All, I have just spent the best part of an hour reading through your comments after receiving my invite for the A minus B system.

Can anyone recommend any such systems? As for the taxman I would relish the chance to lock horns over winnings, since that nasty bloke in the bowler hat bankrupted me without a fair fight.

Thank you all for your comments it has been extremely interesting. Yes I think it could well be! Also received an email from Agora pushing a Minus B. You have well and truly pricked my conscience as I did indeed say that I would return with details following my purchase of this, now some eighteen months ago.

I could come up with the excuse that I was unable to come back as I was transformed into a near catatonic state while utilising it and it would only be a partially light hearted comment. I did indeed spend time studying the material and viewing the DVDs and while I admit that there was nothing shoddy or difficult to understand within the pack it was just all so terribly time consuming and tedious when applying my newly found skills to the job in hand.

Altogether I played for around three weeks. At some point during this period I decided that I really had no interest in binary trading and returned the pack for a refund citing the reasons given above. The refund was received promptly and with a courteous thank you for trying it etc.

Has anyone had any success with this? According to the info it is supposed to be easy. Takes 4mins and 20seconds a day. Looks like binary trading…….. There seems to be some confusion here. I am currently undertaking a full independent review of A-B on this site see above.

It is NOT binary trading as has been explained earlier in this thread — it spread bets on the DAX using GAP analysis and it does work although not to the level that is claimed in the advertising what a surprise! A-B does not involve binary options but it can be described as binary trading.

Subtle difference but there is a full description of what it is in the full review. Received a promo about this yesterday from Frank and initially was quite excited thinking it was something new and exciting and worthwhile. However what was nagging in my head were the two usual questions that the answers are often hidden away or avoided by sensational copywriters….

If Frank eta al say they are going to bring us the best products and separate the wheat from the chaff why do products they are endorsing have such poorly detailed promos with no example of past results or bank size needed to meet the claims made in the promo? They should know better and be leading by example.

This is what puts me off being a premium member on here. If you are going to do this at least make sure everything is of the highest standard with preferably past results AND bank size illustrations. Have tick box standards for promos so everything is crystal clear. Having read the reviews on here I find this is not a new product and the bank size recommendations are stake 0. Then you will gain the respect of the masses.

We just want honesty and clarity Frank, not you promoting products with unrealistic sensationalistic claims just to get an affiliate bonus. This is not a personal attack on Frank whatsoever, but a plea for more honesty and clarity for the man in the street.

Honesty and clarity before profits please. Just shows you there is very little that is genuinely new in this money making by speculation game, and apparently nothing more reliable than Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser. They seem to be the last word in money making for everyone, regardless of personal background or skills. Phew that was close! Ive just emailed Frank and asked him if any of these products really work.

Tom Traget will tell you that none of these systems will work for long, if at all. Ill see if frank responds with an honest answer or if its all about affiliate marketing for Agora. Still no reply from Agora, but I will be trialling one of these with real money very soon. Im currently trialling a few betting systems including my own little brainwave, all with real money. Ill let you all know what works very soon.

I think with any system, a lot of it is down to the individual. My view is that to make a decent income, you need multiple steams. Maybe a few sports trading systems, a forex system and some biz ops. Before selecting my systems and chosen tipsters, im cross referencing reviews on MMR with other sites.

Speculation is really only for insiders, full time experts, and make money them, not you online marketers! You can also make a teeny amount on places like Fiverr, Odesk and eLance. A lot of angst above regarding whether anything works. Trading or speculation requires study and practice. But the good news is, is that simplicity works and simplicity is a requirement. I have been trading the currency markets for 7 years, the last 3 profitably. I use a logic that is freely available on the web.

Search for Sam Seiden on fxstreet. Watch the videos over and over and over again, especially the videos where he shows and runs through multiple time frames. Out of interest peter are you able to make a few hundred pounds a week with your system like they all claim?

Im still waiting for agora to respond lol. I found Seiden when I cam to similar conclusions regarding my own trading. I was fed up with getting into trades only for them to reverse on me. I trade a large account so my risk can be low being 0. Slow steady growth and consistency I find is low stress and I hate spending too long at the screen.

The less time the better and limit orders with a set and forget approach stops me from intervening too early with the trade. I used to be a big fan of Lance Beggs but realised after a while that his style was just too controlling for me. So I think understanding this early on will help with a suitable trading technique to follow or adapt. We all know of very successful people in every field of human activity, but that does not mean most of us get anywhere near Usain Bolt or Novak Djokovic.

But the ones that did, gave interesting responses. They were all different, but all cited very familiar things: I know people on forums have gone through Sam Seiden videos and pointed to inconsistencies in his approach.

He rejected entries which previous rules indicated he should have taken. Sometimes he uses candle stalks, other times candle bodies. This is the same as with the people I knew: Either way, a newbie following the stated, outer system will likely fail. If it is the second option, winning traders will be unable to help beginners, even if they want to, because the key decision making process is not a conscious one that they can fully translate into a set of rules.

Of all the possible ways of making money from home, financial speculation is probably one of the most difficult for the non specialist. Has anyone tried ayondo? It allows you to just copy a pro trader and they take a cut of your profits. I think it can even be done automatically. It was in MMRs top forex systems. But no reviews on it. I tried anyondo over a year ago and made no money at all. I can see all the open and closed trades on my statement.

I made a profit only because of the bonus otherwise it would have been a small loss. Now it has been in total over 2 years since I started and one of the features on there at the start was to follow the followers ie you could see which real account was profitable and which traders they were following and their settings.

As of today when I looked on the website, this feature still says will be available soon. Come on really after 2 years and still cannot get this feature to work? I agree with the inconsistencies issue with Seiden. It appears that way but like you say, there is a greater, perhaps unconscious thinking process that one does not become conscious of and difficult to teach.

Lots of losses, every month. But I am just trading the probabilities and making sure that I cut my losses short and run with my winners. It was for me for many years. I think this is the biggest challenge of all, accepting the losses and being wrong most often. The main issues of concern raised re this product were lack of visible past results and lack of bank size necessary for claimed results. In fact official results for the year so far Jan to July only show a profit of pts for the 7 month period.

Oh and be able to withstand losing months like April where you would have lost pts or a losing streak March to May of pts! Could you stomach that?! It is also claimed points a month is expected! Official results for the last year show this has never been achieved, in fact the system only broke into a three figure profit month 3 times in the last year and then no where near pts! In reality over the last 7 months it has made points when claims would lead you to think it would have made pts!

Again this is not a personal attack on FrankMichelle or anyone connected with the product, but a plea for more honesty and clarity for the man in the street. This site is in danger of becoming another place for Agora to sell products by just telling you what they want you to know rather than give you the full picture totally impartially on products.

When this happens respect and trust is lost and the sites loses value. Max,I love this site for the ability it gives to see through the hype, and benefit from opinions from more experienced people — something that as a newbie I need!

And whilst I share your reservations max about some of the MMR mailshots appearing to be slanted towards affiliate marketing. MMR do state this is below the figures hyped so I am not sure they MMR are misleading anyone — and whilst the huge amounts of daily profit on the headline would be lovely…….

Can I ask where you found those please? The dilemma for me with all these home based Biz. Its a psychological battle. Where is the correct balance before coming to a decision? Lets have some opinions on this from other MMR users. At that rate it would take a year and a half to pay for the product! No one tells you this! Surely there is a duty of care here? I just want people to get a proper amount of info so they can make an informed choice based on ALL the facts not just a glossy subset suited to making a sale.

Proofing for any sort of system that plays financial markets should run for at least 18 months continuously. All systems, even the stinkers, will have a few lucky weeks now and again. You can always cherry pick a good run somewhere. As maxreturns says, few users would have been able to withstand the drawdowns to get to the profits.

However, if it helps, here are the full summaries up-to-date as of yesterday: Week 9 July 14th — loss of 68 pts worst week so far Week 10 — profit of 14 pts Week 11 — profit of 19 pts Week 12 — profit of 96 pts Week 13 — loss of 27 pts Week 14 — loss of 52 pts. Total profit over 14 weeks is pts.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place too should you be unhappy with any aspect of A Minus B Gambling System. It seems like there is definitely some potential to make money through A Minus B Gambling System with my research showing plenty of satisfied customers. Unfortunately it does seem that in order to make any real money with A Minus B Gambling System you need to invest big.

The reality is that if you are using smaller stakes the income potential from A Minus B Gambling System is rather limited unless you are happy to have a very slow burner. The other factor is the cost which I find to be a tad expensive and personally, I can think of better products for much less money. Could you please say what products are better for less money? David Houghton says it takes 5 minutes a day He details the steps, but then why does it require a manual needing several hours reading?

How can you have a day long Seminar — 4 DVDs to demonstrate it?


May 09,  · A Minus B Gambling System is a trading based product from David Houghton and currently being offered by Agora Lifestyles that looks specifically at the German Stock Exchange or DAX. What does the product offer? A Minus B Gambling System is a guide in which David Houghton introduces users to what he refers to as . A Minus B Gambling System is a guide to a method of betting on the DAX or German Stock Exchange. Whilst there is a lot of talk about betting A Minus B Gambling System could arguably be seen as a trading method as well. Title: A Minus B System Reviewed by Roger on Mar 6 Rating: Summary: Gap trading system based on the German stock market (also known as the DAX) A Minus B System offers the potential to profit from gap trading, and is designed for those trying this form of trading for the first time.