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The main catalyst was more positive chatter on a Brexit solution. You can learn more about our cookie policy here , or by following the link at the bottom of any page on our site. Title text for next article. By alaa ahmed at 3: Visible Trade differentiates itself from Trade Balance because it does not record intangibles like services, only reporting on physical goods. It is particularly insightful for the Japanese economy because of the weakness that has plagued the Japanese banking sector. Sentiment towards the greenback turned slightly negative in mid-week following the release of some weaker-than-expected US inflation figures.

Forex news from ForexLive. The fastest Foreign Exchange market reporting and analysis. Live Forex and economic news. The weakest currency today was the AUD (lowest level since early ). The.

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We use a range of cookies to give you the best possible browsing experience. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. You can learn more about our cookie policy here , or by following the link at the bottom of any page on our site. The cryptocurrency market continues to see lower highs across the space in as sellers continue to control the marketplace.

And with retail still heavily long, the upside looks limited. Learn from the DailyFX Experts. The Dow is pulling back from fresh seven-month highs, and prices have begun a test of a short-term support zone as reports around Chinese tariffs have started to circulate. Take a free trading course with IG Academy. The headline value is the percentage change in the GDP Deflator from the previous quarter. The Japanese current account balance, called the Current Account Total, summarizes the flow of goods, services, income and transfers in and out of Japan.

The Current Account is more expansive than the trade balance as it also includes transfer payments, such as foreign aid, and income flows, which are the returns on investments in foreign assets. Nonetheless, the most significant component of the Japanese current account is the trade balance figure. Japan has historically had an export oriented economy and has relied on exports as the engine for overall economic expansion. Today still, trade surpluses form the foundation of consistent Japanese current account surpluses.

The Current Account is useful as a measure of net international trade flows, which directly affect currency values. A current account surplus reflects Yen flowing into Japan and this puts pressure on Yen to appreciate.

On the contrary, a current account deficit means that more Yen are leaving the country from these sources, and this exerts downward pressure on the Yen. The difference between the total value of exports and the total value of imports.

A positive figure indicates a trade surplus while a negative value represents a trade deficit. Because Japan 's economy is highly export-led, trade data can give critical insight into developments in Japan 's economy and changes into foreign exchange rates.

A surplus reflects capital flowing into Japan in exchange for Japanese exports, and a deficit means that capital is flowing out of Japan as imports are purchased in larger volumes by Japanese consumers. A trade surplus will act as an appreciating weight on the Yen, whereas a trade deficit will place downward pressure on the Yen's value. Details in the Trade Balance report itself give useful insight into changing trends regarding Japanese trade. Such developments are especially important for the country, which is an export-oriented economy that has historically experienced large trade surpluses.

Any affect on this could have dramatic affect on the domestic economy. The value of all outstanding loans with Japanese banks. Bank lending is important because lending increases with increased business confidence and investment.

It is particularly insightful for the Japanese economy because of the weakness that has plagued the Japanese banking sector. The headline number is for total loans and discounts and is a percentage change from the previous year. Measures the number of companies that filed for bankruptcy in the last month, with liabilities of over 10 million Yen. The headline figure is the number of cases in all Japan for the last month. As an economic indicator the bankruptcies report is ambiguous.

A high value can certainly indicate weakness in the Japanese economy, but the number of bankruptcies can fall even as the economy worsens. Generally a higher number of bankruptcies will be part of a larger picture of economic weakness, which can be a depreciating weight on a currency.

The difference between imports and exports of goods. Visible Trade differentiates itself from Trade Balance because it does not record intangibles like services, only reporting on physical goods. Because Britain's economy is highly trade driven, Visible Trade data can give critical insight into developments in the economy and into foreign exchange rates.

Negative Visible Trade deficit indicates that imports of goods are greater than exports. When exports are greater than imports, the UK experiences a trade surplus. Trade surpluses indicate that funds are coming into the UK in exchange for exported goods. Because such exported goods are usually purchased with Pounds, trade surpluses usually reflect currency flowing into Britain, such currency inflows may lead to a natural appreciation of Pound Sterling, unless countered by similar capital outflows.

At a bare minimum, surpluses will buoy the value of the currency. There are a number of factors that work to diminish the market impact of UK Visible Trade on markets. The report is not very timely, released monthly about forty days after the reporting period. Developments in many of the components that comprise the figure are also usually well anticipated. Lastly, since the report reflect data for a specific reporting month, any significant changes in Visible Trade should plausibly have been already felt during that quarter and not during the release of data.

But because of the overall significance of Trade on Foreign Exchange Rates, the figure has a history of being one of the more important reports out of the UK. The headline figure is expressed as the value of the merchandise trade surplus or deficit in billions of Pounds.

A measure of the manufacturing output of the energy sector, factories, and mines. Industrial production is significant as a short term indicator of the strength of UK industrial activity. Industry accounts for about a quarter of overall GDP.

Because industrial production accounts for most of the volatility in GDP, foreknowledge of trends in manufacturing go a long way in forecasting UK output.

High or rising Industrial Production figures suggest increased production and economic expansion, healthy for the Pound. However, uncontrolled levels of production and consumption can spark inflation. In times of inflation the Bank of England may raise interest rates to control growth.

Measure of the money supply used by the Bank of Japan. The figure includes all currency in circulation plus all bank deposits. This indicator tends to track closely with the total money supply. The figure focuses mostly on individual deposit accounts rather than institutional accounts, making it a more attractive money indicator than broad liquidity measures.

A survey of the current state of the business sector in Australia. Based on a survey of hundreds of small to large sized companies, the National Australia Bank delivers monthly and more comprehensive quarterly Areports from statistical and antidotal data.

This comprehensive survey primarily provides insight into the state of the Australian economy and puts forth leading indicators that signal its future direction. Thus the survey's findings, if unexpected, have the power to move markets directly.

The National Australia Bank releases both a monthly and quarterly report. The quarterly is more comprehensive, surveying around small to large non-farm firms. The quarterly provides greater detail on the data as well as provides a short to mid-term outlook of Australia. Because of seasonal volatility and government protections the survey only excludes the farm sector.

Based on a survey of hundreds of small to large sized companies, the National Australia Bank delivers monthly and more comprehensive quarterly reports from statistical and antidotal data.

Evaluates the monthly change in output produced by Japan's service sector. Japan's economy is very export based, because this report excludes manufacturing and only measures service industries catering mainly to domestic needs, the Tertiary Industry Index is a key indicator of domestic activity.

The index incorporates data from firms involved with wholesale and retail trade, financial services, health care, real estate, leisure, and utilities. The report excludes industrial manufacturing sectors that tend to be influenced by foreign demand. The tertiary industry index is posted monthly as a percentage change from the previous month's figure.

Tracks trends in machine tool orders placed by major manufacturers in Japan. Machine Tool Orders is considered a leading indicator of business capital spending, and increases are indicative of stronger business confidence and a better future outlook. Higher capital spending is also positive for the Japanese employment situation, as companies will generally require new employees to run and maintain new machinery.

The Machine Tool Orders figure tracks closely with the Machine Orders figure put out by the Economic and Social Research Institute, but tend to affect the market more since it is released nearly a month earlier.

The Claimant Count is the UK's most timely measure of unemployment. The report measures the number of people who claim unemployment benefits, but actively seeking work. The Claimant Count serves as a barometer for the health of the UK labor market. Higher job growth accompanies economic expansion and could spark inflationary pressures.

The headline number is a percentage change in the figure. Need to ask questions to an analyst? Measures the number of people who claim unemployment benefits, but are actively seeking work.

It is similar to the Claimant Count except the headline figure is as an actual number, whereas the Claimant Count is a percentage. They ask experts to evaluate the current situation and to predict the future direction of the economy. For all components of the survey, responses are restricted to positive, negative, or unchanged. This simple structure allows the survey to be quick and efficient in terms of turnaround time, as well as easy to understand and interpret.

The Economic Sentiment Indicator assesses future economic expectations for the whole Euro-zone. The results are summarized as the number of positive responses minus the number of negative responses. A higher headline figure indicates a positive expectation for Euro-zone economy.

Technical Note on Headline Number: The results of the survey are always presented as the difference between those experts that optimistic and those are pessimistic. For instance if 25 percent of analysts expect improvement, 35 percent expect decline, and 40 percent expect no change, the headline figure is Reflects the rate of growth in housing construction.

Housing Starts act as an indicator measuring the strength of Canada's construction sector and housing market.

Economists also use the figure as a leading indicator for the economy as a whole due to Housing Starts' sensitivity to changes in the business cycle.

The White House says the President has been clear that he and his administration will continued to take action to address China's unfair trade practices. The tariffs are coming. Daly has worked at the New York Fed since and is the current research director. She will take the job on Oct 1. According to Bloomberg that her past speeches hint she could prefer a slow-going approach to rate hikes, which is typical of the San Francisco Fed. Two weeks ago, Argentina was asking the IMF to speed up payments.

I was on BNNBloomberg yesterday talking about global currencies. If you skip ahead to 2: Draghi said risks were balanced, so there must have been some people on the other side. Draghi was surprisingly upbeat yesterday but it's clear that there's some worries, especially with a few weak data points.

There's been no reaction to this headline, which hit right at the top of the hour on Reuters. It's possible that someone had it an hour earlier and it would explain the drop then. Drilling picks back up but has stalled for a few months. NPR reports that Manafort's cooperation agreement with the special counsel does not include matters involving the Trump campaign.

The person asked not to be identified," NPR reports. That vastly diminishes the political risk for Trump. It makes sense, seeing as he would want a much better deal if he was going to sell out the President. His best chance at freedom any time soon is still a pardon. The euro is at the lows of the day, down 60 pips to 1. There aren't any new headlines behind the drop. It's not yet clear how much cooperation he will be doing, or what he knows.

He's certainly not getting a sweetheart deal. He's already been found guilty to counts that will lead to several years in jail and with this plea he will get more jailtime and has agreed to forfeit four bank accounts and give up all his property. However on the Trump file, it's all about Trump about to put tariffs on China. More supply in landlocked Alberta without any means to get it to market has resulted in a massive discount but it's approaching crisis levels at the moment.

If only there were some kind of safe, extremely efficient way to get oil to tidewater. Even with today's bounce, the move is modest in the weekly perspective. Taking a look at the daily chart, the bounce is modest and that will keep the pressure on the downside. Manafort has agreed to give up virtually all his assets. Paul Manafort has accepted a plea deal on two counts -- a federal conspiracy charge, as well as a count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, according to various reports.

The conspiracy charge involves money laundering, tax fraud and participating in a conspiracy against the United States. There's no word on what kind of sentence prosecutors will recommend. NBC News reports that he's agree to forfeit virtually all his assets:. In addition, Manafort will forfeit all funds contained in four banking accounts, as well as a life insurance policy. That could lead to a quick trip up to 3. Raab and Barnier spoke earlier today on the phone.

Raab also said there were differences but both said the dialogue has been useful and that discussions will continue. Title text for next article. Join our Telegram group. Get the ForexLive Newsletter.

Trump has been clear will take action on China. Fri 14 Sep White House statement cited by Reuters The White House says the President has been clear that he and his administration will continued to take action to address China's unfair trade practices. View Full Article with Comments 1. What major currencies were the strongest and weakest this week?

White House statement cited by Reuters

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