Has Anyone Made Money On Zulutrade?

You need strong nerve and deep pockets to follow this type of signal. If you have submitted your bank details on your profile, then it is ok. The finance department hasn't confirmed yet, how long this difficulty will take, so we thought that a bank transfer will be better for you. Please feel confident that we will investigate the matter and take it from there, so that the issue gets resolved. This means the provider has little incentive to improve performance.

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This kind of grid trading is extremely risky. Especially when the market is trending strongly against their positions. You need strong nerve and deep pockets to follow this type of signal. Reversal-strategies If so many people lose money on Zulutrade, then why not do the exact opposite of what they do?

In effect, you become their counterparty. Zulutrade has the tools for you to do this very easily. When you follow a trader in reverse, their buy signals become your sell signals, and their sell signals become your buy signals. But these are interspersed with deep and devastating drawdowns because their high win-ratio is unsustainable in the long-run. This is the so-called Taleb or fat tail problem. See this real simulation opens in new window.

In fact by connecting to many such SPs at once, followers are inadvertently fast-forwarding the result of this simulation. Keep in mind that when investing real money, powerful psychological factors come in to play. Winning runs rarely last Understand the cyclic nature of trading and survivorship biasing.

Be aware that those traders at the top of the rankings may have gotten there by a combination of luck and temporary market conditions. Conditions that simply favor their particular style at that point in time. Inevitably, the conditions that got them there in the first place change, and their returns suffer as a consequence. Not only that, once a trader achieves high rankings and attracts a significant pool of followers, many of them stick.

Even during the bad spells. This means the provider has little incentive to improve performance. Sometimes hundreds of them. He or she then runs various expert advisors with slightly different parameters on each account.

He then monitors the returns over a few weeks. By the law of averages one or two accounts will perform quite well over this period. Just because, by some fluke, they are suited to the prevailing market. The other accounts will most probably suffer massive losses.

The successful accounts are then connected to Zulutrade and offered to followers. The other demo accounts are thrown away. This is a scam pure and simple. When it comes to currencies, understanding diversification is not an easy matter.

Many signals on Zulutrade are correlated beneath the surface at a fundamental level. This makes them perform in a similar way.

Here are some examples of how indirect correlation exists:. You often see investors on Zulutrade following dozens of signals a the same time. But this can be costly mistake. And so increasing risk. Consider increasing your lot sizes on a smaller number of high-quality SPs instead.

This way you reduce your overall trade volume and costs. Many investors overlook this fact. When you follow large numbers of providers with small lots, the slippage and spread costs can massively cut into profits.

In this case your total costs, as a percentage of profit are much higher. OR Register Here …. All the top signal providers in Zulutrade keep changing because they cant handle the pressure. I recommend to you to visit ddmarkets. I am signal provider http: Zulu had made thousands just on comissions. They were not able to pay this bucks after 2 months. So at the beginning of December they still owe me for September trades.

I pulled my signal off Zulu for the very same reason. When you look at the way they work out commissions you see why most traders on there are only making pennies if anything at all. Zulu make profit on every trade you do. You only get half pip each trade on live followers and then only if your complete month is in profit.

Most of the followers are using demo accounts. Then those with real accounts might not take all your trades. At least then I get a percentage of real profits I make. These are usually seen as traders with a large number of open positions in one currency pair. Grid trading per se does not need to be risky. But it becomes very risky when overleveraged or when combined with stop loss avoidance techniques such Martingale. What you need to know as a follower is that the Zulutrade rank system puts at the top traders who make Zulutrade money NOT ones who will make you money.

It ranks traders on PIP amounts not dollar amounts and that is hugely misleading. The ones who do lots of little identical trades are at the top of performance table even when they are losing money. This is how it works….. Trader A fee generator 30 x 0. Have complained to ZT before about their ranking system but got nowhere.

They just said use same size for every trade. Not how my strategy works…… If you are a follower do your OWN analysis and not to rely on what is there as a given. This sound very logical, how do you go about doing your own analysis? So i have a good strategy that works and i want to ask if someone knows how much the trader can make on zulutrade? I dont have much of my own cash to trade on so want to earn something first.

It all depends on you strategy how good it is and what kind of risk you are using. I publish a few of my trade signal on ZT. If you have a good low risk low DD strategy you can surely make a few thousand a month.

I never heard of anyone earning those huge amounts they show on the website though. Im doubt that is possible. The profit on ZT comes from the quantity of trades you do so if you do a lot of trades you make more commission but doing a lot of trades can put off your followers.

Then there is drawdown. If your stategy is as great as you say you dont need zulutrade. Why not just trade it yourself? It sounds like ZuluTrade might be a great place for a truly professional trader to provide signals. I just opened a demo account 1: I got no trades carried out so I went into a support chat. The guy on the other side told me that my leverage was too low and that I had to increase it, that most of their client use The Zulu guy tried for a while to trick me into raising my leverage or increasing my working demo capital, but I stood my ground and he finally told me how to use the risk bar risk bar?

Also because of the flashy website, to me it looks like a massive videogame tricking people in investing money at horrible leverages. Since brokers makes money from commissions and from often taking the other side of the trades , I wonder if a mirror trading site can have hire some SP — or making them up themselves — to trade on their system and attract traders.

Any opinion on this? In professional asset management even leverage over 2: The Traders should present their strategy and recommend settings for profitable trading results in their Followers accounts. As you may understand, both Followers and Traders will need to work together in order to achieve a common goal. Traders will not be able to select a specific Compensation Model.

The Trader is compensated according to the account type selected by the Follower. This basically means that for Profit Sharing Follower Accounts, the Trader will be compensated based on the Profit-Sharing Model, while for Classic Account Followers, the Trader will be compensated based on the volume of lots traded 0. As you can understand, it is totally up to the Followers to select between Classic and Profit Sharing Account type. Followers may also have multiple accounts so as to use both account types.

Why would Live Followers select the new model? Reduced trading cost ; Followers who will select to operate on a Profit-Sharing account will benefit from discounted Broker commissions on their trading.

Profitable Traders get rewarded — losing Traders get penalized ; Followers will be sharing a portion of their monthly earnings only with their lucrative Traders, while losing Traders will get penalized. Enhanced Direct Communication ; this new model promotes a deeper bond between Follower-Trader, fostering powerful collaboration towards a common goal. What are the benefits for Traders? Sharing Profits ; Traders who generate profits for their Followers will be rewarded by each Follower on a monthly basis.

Effectiveness ; Traders will prove their skills on money and risk management and they will create a prosperous long-term investment for their Followers. How does Profit-Sharing work? That would be fair for all,logical and in line with the best industry practices. If I lose money in a month, will I pay the trader? Better see this with an example: The Trader will now receive: I hope I helped! I beg your pardon, but I think there is a mistake in the eabove equation: And I have another question: Regarding your question, What will be the rate that the commissions decrease for the follower, if the follower decides to switch to the profit split-method???

Why do so many followers fail?

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