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For strictly day trading, futures markets offer the most bang for the buck for accounts smaller than k. The leverage offered by many brokers are insane, if you do not know how to trade one trade will blow you out. For professionals, who truly understand the markets order of events, it's where they can quickly grow their account and move into other markets using the proceeds for longer-term trades.

Leverage wise, forex markets aren't as great for US based persons. But if you have huge accounts millions , trading forex through legit brokers might be the better thing to do because of pure liquidity issue. Though, I would rather swing trade than day trade big accounts. To summarize, small accounts can make the most through futures markets percentage wise because of leverage, unless your country allows big leverage in forex markets. Day trading bigger accounts, is more about picking the right markets that are liquid enough to fill your order without slippage and affecting the whole market.

Or just trade multiple markets at the same time if they can handle it. Volatility or velocity of movement wise, all markets are pretty much the same in that they all cycle. Some market is trending while others are ranging, and vice-versa. Lastly, if you are a complete beginner trying to learn day trading, just use tiny tiny forex accounts.

Plenty of opporunity there to learn and grow the account. According to me, rather than trading just in one segment Forex or commodities , I would suggest you to diversify your portfolio. And as risk is the main concern for us every investor so one has to look into the fundamentals for a better picture. Let me explain with an example, like we know from the commodities crude market is over supplied and Australia is somewhat dependent oil market.

Also from the downfall of all the major indices the bullion is the one who most benefited. Thus I would say the better you diversify the better you will able to manage your risk. And yeah regarding day trading, I totally depend on my technical analysis to enter an exit the market but I try not to place trade against the fundamentals. Also, I for commodities I follow the news and economic conditions of the market. Day trading is such type of trading where in liquidity becomes more important and hence Forex gains an edge over commodity.

Another reason is the capital requirement. In case of commodity leverage requirement is much higher than that of Forex which in-turn makes more helpful for a small traders to take part in currency trading than in commodities. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

Ask New Question Sign In. What is the most profitable niche Forex, Commodities, etc. Simple options trading guide. Most options traders lose because they don't know this simple formula.

Learn More at prtradingresearch. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. And when it comes to breadth of opportunities, FX is arguably unmatched. Just my two cents! I'd end with this final note: Thank you for your feedback!

Want to search someone by number or email? Easily search almost anyone to find their public records. Learn More at beenverified. How profitable are you in Day Trading? Is forex trading profitable? Which sections are more profitable in commodity trading? If you want to become less dependent on stock-based investments, consider the following strategies. Learn More at yieldstreet. Hope its clear now. Related Questions Is day trading profitable?

Is Forex the most profitable and the most risky business? What is the meaning of Day trading in Forex Trading? Which trading is the most profitable and fast money maker commodity, the stock market or forex? Tema Respuestas Ultimo mensaje. Forex, pulso de mercado. Advertencias sobre entidades extranjeras.

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LeapRate is an independent research and advisory firm, specialized in covering the world of Forex trading. We are followed by hundreds of thousands of traders, investors and other FX industry participants via our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS and Email Newsletter. FREE FOREX E-BOOK [ August 13, ] Three Indonesian tech unicorns unite to back digital insurance startup – TechCrunch Tech News [ August 13, ] Two Chinese EV sharing platforms in $ million push to fuel growth: sources By Reuters Tech News [ August 13, ] . Salve, la domanda è relativa alla dichiarazione dei redditi nel caso abbia una RENDITA da investimenti finanziari nel mercato del forex. COME va dichiarata E DOVE (ad esempio nel modello