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So far everything works nice, spreads are good. Spreads are fixed and their levels have increased to 1. Experience a custom trading environment as well as award-winning trading execution with best-of-market spreads on more than trading instruments, starting from just 0 pips. Direct market access sometimes called level 2 trading or DMA allows you to submit buy or sell orders directly to the order book of an exchange. A stop loss is an order to sell a security when it reaches a certain price, and is designed to help traders manage risk. Instant execution with no slippage or delay.

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Among those interested in forex trading, PAMM account offers a good alternative without direct involvement. Here's how PAMM accounts work. How do PAMM accounts work? The Alpari PAMM account is an investment service that gives investors the chance to make money without trading themselves on the Forex market and allows managers to earn additional income for managing client funds. PAMM Forex brokers — list of Forex brokerage companies that offer PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module), LAMM (Lot Allocation Management Module) and MAM (Multi-Account Management) accounts to traders.