My Top 10 Stocks for Options Plays This Week

Slide Show 24 of Slide Show 1 of Oh sorry, we were supposed to forget about that one. In the quarter that ended in September, during which the latest iPhone models were released, Apple saw its strongest revenue growth rate in seven quarters. Glassman, who writes the Opening Shot column, is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. So, I think some of the details were omitted.

So options times like valutahandel regler, I like to use a really great tool that identifies what I call my "Top Movers" — the stocks and ETFs best have stock the biggest percent moves and best .

How I Find My "Top Movers"

Its new mobile-payment system, Apple Pay, faces competition, but adoption by retailers is growing. And a high-tech wristwatch, Apple Watch, should start shipping in early The firm makes complex molds and other components used to build jet engines.

For three of the past four quarters most recently the July—September period , the company has fallen short of earnings forecasts as clients used up inventory. But Stephen Levenson, an analyst at investment bank Stifel, says the de-stocking should end in early Low interest rates have pressured profits at Charles Schwab SCHW , which is waiving fees to prevent clients from suffering losses in money market funds.

But the broker is making up for it with volume. BofA needs interest rates to rise to realize its full potential when rates rise, banks typically boost lending charges faster than rates on deposits. Also back for an encore is Howard Hughes Corp. It creates value by contributing the land to a joint venture in which the partner builds homes, condos, offices and shopping centers, or by developing land on its own.

Citigroup C is the only major U. Citi Holdings will be gone someday, and when it is, the stock is likely to be much higher. To Smith, this is a classic case of entrenched management not doing enough for shareholders. MeadWestvaco is already a good business, but jettisoning one or two of its units would make it a much more valuable one. Solar power is now competitive, without subsidies, with other forms of energy in much of the world.

This arrangement confuses some investors and has held down the stock. The stock, a favorite of Andrew Feinberg, has also been pressured by fears about slowing global growth. But zinc prices will get a boost in and because of the planned closure of two big mines. Orders for advanced commercial aircraft from Boeing BA , such as the Dreamliner , continue to soar.

Higher-than-expected costs to build the are partly to blame, says investment bank Credit Suisse. That leaves plenty of room to raise the distribution in View as One Page. Toggle navigation Menu Subscribers Log In.

Store Deals Log in Search Close. Toggle navigation Menu Subscribers. Store Deals Log in. Slide Show 1 of Slide Show 2 of Slide Show 3 of Slide Show 4 of Slide Show 5 of Slide Show 6 of Slide Show 7 of Slide Show 8 of Slide Show 9 of Slide Show 10 of Slide Show 11 of Slide Show 12 of Slide Show 13 of Slide Show 14 of Slide Show 15 of Slide Show 16 of Slide Show 17 of Fortunately, I've developed a great method to whittle it down to the 10 best stocks at any given time.

Click here to jump to comments…. Tom Gentile is one of the world's foremost authorities on stock, futures and options trading. With more than 25 years' experience trading stocks, futures, and options, Tom's style of trading systems and strategies are designed to help individual investors propel themselves past 99 percent of the trading crowd.

Can you direct me on where this is? What site is best for screening for options. I am currently with Etrade and any guidance as how to navigate would be appreciated. ALSO an weekly update and list of search criteria could be very helpful. ETrade has gone down hill in the past year…just my opinion. Then you hold this option till expiry — as it never got to your target price, the top arriving on April 28 ,54 that being indeed Aapl's all-time nominal high — this date being your May15, when the stock closed , Hi Tom, I think this article is great.

Any help would be appreciated. I find references to the program, but not program information or the list. And yes, I am a registered user. But good luck trying to figure out how to enter the search criteria.

If you figure it out please post it…. I hope this helps. Penny Pilot Criteria — https: Then use it however you like to create lists for your own taste. Software — thats a tricky one, I use my own stuff, but there are actually a few brokers out there that incorporate the penny pilot list into their own criteria. Apple — that trade ended up being a double due to the move in the options, not so much the stock. Same thing happened with Priceline, the stock actually gapped up and fell afterwards, but our case study here ended up with a triple.

Its the percent to double rule I look at, which I will be writing an article on shortly. Pandora — Oh you got me! As for my P trade, I actually modified it into a bearish butterfly to cut the cost and risk, and though it didn't work either, I am down a not much more than the cost of commissions.

I have always said it isn't how you treat your winners, its how you handle your losers that keeps you in this business. Required Needs to be a valid email. Rajan Panda August 30, Very educational article. How do you calculate your net profit here?

John R September 1, This is the webpage https: Oh sorry, we were supposed to forget about that one. Like it never happened. Pat Carter December 10, Great article. You may choose from these hot topics to start receiving our money-making recommendations in real time.

The Second-Biggest Obstacle to Options Profits

Returns in will depend on selecting the right companies in the right markets. Take a look at our 25 picks, culled from Kiplinger's investing editors and columnists James K. Glassman and Andrew Feinberg. With those for numbers, you can best out how a stock moves, and options it's moving with or against the markets. Once you have this list of stocks, you can run any number of stock and les options binaires comment ca marche strategy assess which of these "Top Movers" would make the best option . Then I can focus on finding the best stock with the best option trade and the best potential double in value on the options move in the stock. You for do all your homework and make all the right moves, pick a solid stock with good fundamentals, even anticipate where the markets are going in the weeks best.