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Its speed is sufficient to handle real time streaming market data for thousands of securities with low latency and without bottlenecks even during the peaks of market activity. John Clayburg , Clayburg Adaptive Systems. What is Your Favorite "Safe" Investment: Suite Chicago, IL. You are currently on corporate access. Exit this condor with 9 DTE? Whether it is a trading platform or Windows operating system issue, our team is always available to solve your problems.

This approach enables you to develop trading strategies that can respond to market events and adapt their executions accordingly. You can develop trading systems that analyze streaming market microstructure information from multiple venues and optimize their trade executions accordingly. Trading Toolbox supports the CQG API. If you have a.

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Please contact your broker for details. Supported Brokers MotiveWave integrates seamlessly with many brokers, and more are being added. Cannon Trading Connects through Rithmic. Coinigy Live and Historical data only. Trading is not currently supported. Demo Account Live Account. Sign Up for Live Account.

Live Account Demo Account. Optimus Futures Connects through Rithmic. Top Step Trader Connects through Rithmic. Since launch, they added support for multi-asset class trading, including complete CME Globex coverage, options strategies, RFQs and booking of block trades. Most recently, CME Direct integrated with premier options analytics provider QuikStrike to offer users access to cutting edge options and volatility tools. CME Direct clients can also take advantage of CME Pivot, an advanced instant messaging IM platform that integrates seamlessly with the front-end and provides clients intelligent message parsing and extensive collaboration technology.

CME Direct is designed to meet a range of trading needs and provide support across the trade life cycle:. Traders and brokers find CME Direct particularly well suited to meet their futures and futures options trading needs. Traders choose the best way to execute trades using CME Direct either online or through their voice broker.

New versions of CME Direct are regularly released and automatically updated to ensure clients utilize the most current version with the latest features. CME Direct continues to add new functionality with a mobile version expected in the near future. CQG was founded in , well before the emergence of electronic trading, as a charting and quotes platform.

The company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, continued its leadership in charting and analytics by building an entire ecosystem around its flagship product CQG Integrated Client. The advanced charting and analytics functionality of CQG make it ideal for technical traders. In addition to Hour call and email support, CQG offers free training with product specialists, an extensive YouTube library of support videos and an innovative collection of add-ons available through the CQG Workspaces website.

Advantage witnessed tremendous growth in the popularity of CQG. CQG serves professional traders who are more visually oriented or looking for a high level of support with the simplicity of one application. TradeSniper is a new client-side feature that allows trading and charting of numerous custom spread combinations.

T4 Charts have a variety of studies and indicators as well as the ability to trade directly from a chart and export data into Excel. In addition to the existing model management, theoretical sheets and strategy solver, Options Pro now contains a FaST board, multi-account analyzer, estimated portfolio margin and shock matrix.

CTS offers both a. Both APIs provide access to all exchanges. An iPhone app will be available Q4 CTS offers a free trial in their simulation environment with live data and full functionality. With thousands of active traders, CTS is a formidable competitor. Valdi is a suite of global multi-asset trading solutions for listed equities, derivatives, commodities and fixed income instruments. Valdi provides market data; advanced trade, order, execution and liquidity management systems; as well as pre-trade and post-trade risk and compliance solutions.

Valdi Futures Trader, the core Windows product, is a professional workstation specialized for Derivatives traders, providing simple and efficient ergonomics for selection, monitoring and trading of single-leg, complex and custom instruments. The workstation is optimized to operate over private networks and the internet. Valdi Futures Trader is widely installed throughout the world and supports a broad range of trading styles across all major asset classes.

Valdi Trader offers a variety of trading styles across major asset classes and trading venues, including spreading functionality with user-defined spreads. Valdi Trader adds specialist capabilities for multi-legged strategies and algorithmic and Excel-based trading. The workstations support sales and dealer functionalities for use with order management, position tracking and market-making applications.

Founders of OptionsCity began with two objectives: Create an enjoyable workplace and build great software. OptionsCity, since inception, pushes the limits of their software trading technology. OptionsCity upgraded both the functionality and performance of Metro, their flagship market making platform.

Additionally, they expanded their product portfolio this past year with new offerings for professional and retail traders.

Metro offers options pricing and analytics with the ability to set skews, analyze Greeks and execute trades both manually and algorithmically. The latest version provides enhanced functionality for energy traders and improved performance for those looking to stream quotes and make markets. The platform offers hosted servers in colocation facilities near supported exchange matching engines.

Metro is available with various pricing bundles. New this year, OptionsCity CityTrader enables web-based execution of futures and options on futures products. The platform is available through any internet browser and offers some of the advanced options functionality of Metro including spread trading and the ability to submit RFQs. The latest product offering from OptionsCity is City Execution, a futures and options execution application built directly into the Thomson Reuters news and analytics platform, Eikon.

Eikon clients can realize significant savings by eliminating a third party platform and accompanying market data fees. City Execution integrates seamlessly into Eikon so the user experience feels native to the application. With their new set of products, OptionsCity makes a compelling case for futures traders. As a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and a floor broker in the U. Treasury Options Complex, Kelley understood what traders wanted and needed from professional derivatives software.

Existing options software lacked the capability to provide risk measurement and management in a meaningful way for complex option portfolios. Prime Analytics resolved to provide innovative and timely solutions for clients. The ProOpticus Market Making and Universal Risk Manager URM platforms are supported and enhanced by trading and risk industry professionals, including former proprietary traders, hedge fund traders and risk managers.

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Our custom algos are designed, back tested, and deployed via our proprietary Strategy Studio, a high-performance C++ trading platform used by sophisticated low latency trading firms. These futures algos can be used as part of a multi-strategy automated trading system in conjunction with other strategies, or as a base to customize to your vision. Anyone using CQG trading options. Eurex options strategies. 90 views 0 comments 0 points Started by steven July Options. Trade Systems and Backtesting. Preventing impossible trades in backtesting. 97 views 3 comments 0 points Most recent by . CQG’s Trading in 2 video series features easy tips and tricks for trading in just two minutes. Tune in to Trading in 2 to learn how to enhance your own trading strategies. About the Sponsor/Author. CQG provide industry grade analysis software and trading platforms.