Forex System Rules: Amazing Crossover (Version 3.0)

While that initially gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling all over, you have to be wary about certain things. Greetings, Just a quick update. Greetings, Thanks for your comment. Robopip analyzed this same system and reviewed it on his blog "Art of Automation". He was making enough money from his business that he didn't really care one way or the other if Forex made money or lost money - it was purely a hobby with play money.

I’m back with another forex mechanical system to test this month. This time, I’m looking at the Amazing Crossover System from the Free Forex Trading Systems section of our forums. According to system owner ForexPhantom, he got the idea from another forex site but added some tweaks to make it.

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Mar 05,  · It is during times like these where you bend the rules of your system a little bit. With Forex, you could make DOUBLE that rate of return MONTHLY. Use the AMAZING CROSSOVER SYSTEM posted here. Use the 1 HR time frame. Trade with a.1 lot size. This Forex System was initially introduced by ForexPhanton who discussed in one of babypips' forums, and later on, it was selected by the community of as the System of the month for the month of October Robopip analyzed this same system and reviewed it on his blog "Art of. How to use The Amazing Crossover System Right from the start you have to understand that this strategy was developed for Forex trading, but don’t despair like almost any strategy it can be transformed and made useful for Binary Options as well.