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Brazil-based Aracruz Celulose S.A. (ARA) is the world's largest producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp, as well as one of the lowest-cost producers of this product. The company is responsible for 31% of the global supply of the product, which is used in the production of a wide range of paper products, including premium tissue, printing and.

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His focus is on the areas of business strategy, financial management and performance indicators. The Fiscal Council is a body that is independent of the management and performs its functions in the exclusive interest of the company and its shareholders, with the basic objectives of overseeing the management's performance and expressing its opinion regarding certain issues, in addition to the duties set out in art. Oversee the quality and integrity of the financial reporting, compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory standards, adequacy of the risk management processes and the activities of the internal and independent auditors.

To assist the company's Board of Directors and Executive Board in analyzing the Brazilian and world economic situations and their potential effects on the company's financial position, as well as in the building of scenarios and trends, the assessment of opportunities and risks and the defining of strategies to be adopted by the company in regard to its financial policy.

To analyze the human resources policies, structures and practices proposed by the Executive Board, in the light of the best practices adopted by other domestic and foreign companies, as well as the strategies and context of opportunities and risks to which the company is exposed, in addition to proposing the remuneration policy, including the policy on pay and benefits, short, long-term, basic and extraordinary remuneration of the company's Executive Officers and members of the Board of Directors.

To advise the company's Board of Directors on the analysis of initiatives relating to research and technological innovation in the forestry, industrial and management areas, with respect to new products and processes; to make recommendations to the Board of Directors and monitor the implementation of policies, strategies and action in relation to research and innovation within the company; to evaluate the company's investment proposals, from the perspective of innovation, and to make pertinent recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The company's remuneration strategy aims to the attraction, retention and motivation of qualified professionals for the creation and implementation of business strategies approved by the shareholders, resulting in the creation of sustainable value. The annual variable compensation plan is coupled to financial metrics, results and value growth, short, medium and long term. The bases of remuneration policy of the company — fixed and variable — are maintained according to market research conducted by independent consultants.

The remuneration of the Board of Directors is composed of a fixed monthly remuneration. The fixed component aims to compensate the advisors by your participation in the meetings and for his contributions to the Board of Directors and to the company. The Board of Directors may also grant or establish extraordinary awards for Directors, based on specific targets in relation to major projects or certain events.

Values corresponding to the variable remuneration of short and long term are subject to achievement or overshoot the targets envisaged in the business plan of the company. Not part of the remuneration policy the supervisory board any kind of variable compensation, post-retirement benefits or motivated by the termination of the Office of the post or remuneration based on the value of the shares. The remuneration of the Advisory Committee to the Board Finance Committee, remuneration Committee and Committee on sustainability, Innovation Committee and Statutory Audit Committee — CAE is based only on a fixed salary, without any direct or indirect benefit, which is established as compared to their peers in the market research carried out by a specialized company in compensation.

The members of the Board of Directors to participate in advisory committees of the company are entitled to a fixed remuneration. Total number of members: Total number of members corresponding to the annual average number of each organ calculated monthly. Number of paid members: Number of Directors and advisers with remuneration assigned recognized in profit or loss for the financial year, corresponding to the average annual number of paid members of each body, found that effectively receive remuneration.

In relation to the Option plan, the company believes that the values contained in this item should not be considered as remuneration, since the shares are acquired by its executives, therefore, the indication of these values it aims to only meet a requirement of CVM and should not be considered for labor, tax and social security purposes.

Contributions to social security: As the company is subject to the regime of law No. Thus, it is not possible to identify the value of the social security contributions are recognized in the result of the company relating to the remuneration of the Board of Directors, Statutory Board and Audit Committee.

For this reason, the items "d i" and "d. Vera Elias Educational background: Tatiana Bacchi Eguchi Anderson Educational background: Sergio Augusto Malacrida Junior Professional experience: Schmidt is also a member of the Board of Directors of Citrosuco S. Leonardo Mandelblatt de Lima Figueiredo Educational background: Sergio Citeroni Educational background: The total remuneration of the Board of the company consists of: The benefits are aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of the remuneration practices, having the objective of offering a package attractive to retain directors in key positions and that is compatible with the market standards for the performance of similar functions.

The variable remuneration is composed of: From April , the company went on to adopt the General plan for the granting of stock options at Fibria Celulose S.

Approved by the extraordinary general meeting of the company held on that date. White Mountains Insurance Gp. Agilent Technologies Inc C ommon. Continental Airls Inc cl b.

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Box 27, Helsinki University, Finland. Companies involved in natural resource extraction, such as forestry, have a profound impact on the environments in which they operate. Therefore, active engagement in corporate social responsibility CSR by managing close relationships with key stakeholder groups, i.

In this paper, we test the hypothesis that proactiveness has a positive influence on the company's corporate social performance CSP. Proactiveness can act as a stance towards CSP, and further it may be a precondition to gain a competitive advantage by investing in CSR.

International survey data from managers in 60 forest industry companies in different continents is used to empirically test the hypothesis. A positive impact of company's proactiveness on CSP was found using the regression analysis. Results also show that employees and managers in a proactive company more often take the initiative to improve their CSP compared to the employees and managers in less proactive companies.

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Key Insights for Tropical Island Nations. Gender Analysis in Forestry Research: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead. Lessons for Future Engagement. Sign up for e-alerts. Looking for a job? Visit the BioOne Career Center and apply to open positions across the sciences. Log in Admin Help. SUMMARY Companies involved in natural resource extraction, such as forestry, have a profound impact on the environments in which they operate.

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How corporate social responsibility is defined: An analysis of 37 definitions. Corporate Social responsibility and Environment Management 15 1.


Page GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Aracruz Celulose SA ARCZ3 BZ EquityDES Page 7 / 11 (in millions of BRL) 06 07 06 E os 07 05 06 I, 1, If you purchased American Depositary Shares of Aracruz Celulose SA (ADS) (NYSE: ARA), you might have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation, Inc. Aracruz Celulose S.A. was a Brazilian manufacturer of pulp and paper. In the company merged with VCP and renamed Fibria. The new company maintained its headquarters in Sao Paulo, and is a supplier of bleached eucalyptus pulp. The current presidents are members of the Hungarian family, Ersching. The company has two pulp making plants, one in Aracruz city in Espírito Santo state and .