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Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole. That is good to know. Yes, my password is: Thats usually London opening and NY. Every time you travel and want to trade in that location, it is worth trying to find out what the situation is. Thats what I plan to do. A quick consultation should clear it up and will generally only cost a couple hundred USD.

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Oct 3, Messages: Oct 17, Messages: Three steps that you must follow 1st - Invite them to join this thread via email Send email to every possible address.

Jul 20, Messages: I have been scammed also by the same big scammer Dr. I deposited 43, USD. May 16, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet.

Mohanim posted Jul 22, Tim posted May 13, Weltrade Systemgates Ltd armanavatar , Sep 14, at 8: FxMaster Sep 14, at 9: FxMaster Sep 14, at 8: Need Help to get my money back from Prestige.

Sive Morten Aug 24, Sive Morten Sep 14, at 3: Sive Morten Aug 31, Tsathya AsstModerator , Sep 3, For the record, I'm an Australian working in the US on an E-3 and I've looked into and consulted lawyers regarding work and business outside my employer and the general consensus is "sure but you need a visa for that too". You can't even volunteer for a nonprofit without a visa. So lets get this right. The ESTA the waiver is not much good. I instead should look at E-2?

Really what I want is the mobility to check the US out for investments, and be able to trade, maybe have a base there but not immigrate. Its a sort of broad approach I am taking to all countries. Conduct business set ups, JVs and such like but not take up residence.

Or if on holidays, holiday with minimum drama. Otherwise, you're unlikely to find a situation that allows you to work while in the US and will need to work from NZ. I should note that I'm assuming your trading is pretty active. If it's something that requires little attention like 10 minutes a day , you'll likely be fine.

It's not the act of trading that's the problem, it's you acting like you're at work while in the US that's the problem. That is good to know. I basically want to setup in space tech in Silicon and a hedge fund in NY but with full delegation.

I dont want to baby sit them but instead use them for specific objectives. With the fund, to get into tier two and with space tech, to well, follow through on the understanding of scientific dialecticism. Trading wise, I am like a samurai. I wait for the trades to come to me. Thats usually London opening and NY. The two banking zones that really matter. So I tend to be rolling after about an hour into opening of both. What do you reckon? As long as it really is just an hour a day you might be fine so long as you tell them it's a "hobby" or something similar.

I'd really recommend talking to a US immigration attorney about it though. A quick consultation should clear it up and will generally only cost a couple hundred USD. Thats what I plan to do. Make a visit under waiver and see a good corporate, tax and immigration lawyer so I can get a composite package that lets me travel at will to the US but not immigrate. Then use that as a stencil for other countries. The immigration route is way too much bother and a distraction for what is basically business mobility in a world with border issues.

If it's true, drop a few million into 'buy a visa' programs aka foreign investment in tangible business and you'll have no problems traveling to most places. I can't be bothered with bribing little people. Mix with the little folk and they will drag you down Its legal all the way for me.

And in legality, I will invest if I choose to. I think you would probably setup and LLC somewhere that you want to call home and pay taxes to. Doesn't mean you have to be there all the time but you likely need an address to receive mail.

I have a home country but wondered what people do when say, they land in a country as a visitor. Do they whip out the laptop and trade away. I can trade anywhere with a broadband connection so in theory, I can work in the icy wastes of Alaska if there is a local wifi service. But can I as a foreign visitor to the US for example?

You should be aware that there are some jurisdictions where your trading activity might be considered illegal, depending on how you engage with it. This article is outdated but a starting point: No problem, although I would not take that list as gospel. Every time you travel and want to trade in that location, it is worth trying to find out what the situation is. It's also not clear whether or not accessing an offshore broker via the internet to place your trades counts.

Don't forget that if you operate a LLC from your home company, you may well have established it so that your company pays you an income, then you may employ yourself as a currency analyst , not a trader. For you it may be a neutral term, but there are some places in the world where currency speculators are actively loathed from time to time.

I worked in tax laws and treaties as a tax lawyer and have a reasonable idea but of course, one can never know enough. I am not too worried about the tax side of things as I am so accurate that well, it will probably be advantageous to be seen as a contributor as I pass through which is why I am steering clear of vehicles for my income as an individual.

Of course, I also want to setup institutional presences, in the US for example and in there the other capacities may arise when there is a need. But for say the US, I am not sure whether I can sit at my laptop and work as an individual visitor or whether I would need some other visa.

That then raises questions as to whether I will have these issues elsewhere and finally whether it is possible to travel the world as a wandering self employed day trading visitor. Or whether one has to secure a form of rolling business visitation.

Trading is not actually considered work in the eyes of the government because it's capital gains. Means you could temporarily visit as a tourist and still "work" on your laptop. I wondered about that. I should imagine the first two trips should be excusable as capital gains if what you say is correct. But the problem with my style is that I make money every trade and daily and there will be the frequency issue which determines the test for income in all the English law jurisdictions which includes the US.

That said, is there any policy that you know of from the IRS that deems trading income in the US, capital. I may also speak to the local US embassy in Wellington for advice on this matter as I want a squeaky clean record for when I eventually set up an office in the US It doesn't matter to them, if you just mention the word work you will get denied immediately.

However they will also make sure that you have absolutely no intent of immigrating here. Our immigration system is one of the toughest in the world and unless you can invest large sums of money and create work for Americans there is no way to establish a residency here, that is true for most people.

Canada might be an easier choice. I am not looking for residency as I plan to continue living in NZ. The plan is to set up a business in the US and run it as a business with the trips necessary to manage it. So the plan is an initial few visits and then some sort of business visa once I have my bearings. But of course, I don't want to run foul of the immigration service during the visits by doing something that the IRS deems is income.

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