4 Simple Betfair Football Trading Strategies

As with any trading strategy, the aim of the game is just to win more often than you lose! I'm sure for the majority of you they will be nothing new, but hopefully they'll help some people out! And turning up the heat in the second. I think you would be better to simply pick your games and lay straight out the When I was first dabbling with Betfair, someone gave me some stern advice: Trading markets evolve over time which also makes it important to search for new edges as well as those time-less strategies that will always be there! Obviously this graph is for a game where no goals were scored.

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Laying the draw is probably the oldest, and one of the most known Betfair football trading strategies. Many are already aware, but for those who are not I shall explain…. By laying the draw you are basically looking to open a position with the view of a goal being scored at some point. Once a goal is scored you trade out for a profit, or at least offset your position to reduce risk, leaving an increased payout on what you think will happen. There is a risk of over-trading though, so be select and consult statistics on previous performances where possible.

As with any trading strategy, the aim of the game is just to win more often than you lose! Not just trade every game. There are two main things to bear in mind when laying the draw. The price at which you open a position, and the likelihood of a goal. Checking the game in question for historical statistics is a good idea. Also checking the line-up for the game. Many games are still 0 — 0 at half time.

Depending on the situation. And turning up the heat in the second. As with any of the football trading strategies, careful selection is important. No two matches are identical. Many play this strategy a few times, see it works and then proceed to do it on every game in sight.

Trading football markets on Betfair is a little different to Horse Racing. In my experience its far easier to just aim for one edge in a match. Unlike the Horse Racing markets where you can place many more trades and act intuitively. Keeping a spreadsheet to record trades and games is also a good place to start! All football trading strategies will work better in specific types of situation.

Some more than others. But if you have one strategy you can apply successfully on a regular basis the balance soon grows. And the markets feel that bit easier to profit from. However, football markets turn over huge sums of cash on a daily basis. Having just one or two good trades a week can prove a lucrative, with the markets being so much larger it means stakes can be too!

The more Football trading strategies you have at your disposal the more profits you can make. There will be occasions where the opportunity changes and the strategy you was about to use will no longer be of use. As there isn't a lot of time left in the game, if a goal goes in before the 60th minute, the odds on will go down, no matter what team scores. At this point, green up for profit. What I like about this is the fact that you're betting on a result so the odds are high and liability is relatively low.

You wont win every time but if you do your homework on teams and pick carefully, you will win more often than you lose. Let me know what you think. Why not add to trade a day at half time when u see a suitable opportunity. Do any others trade scores? Mon May 19, Strategy worked best if a goal was scored somewhere between 30 and 65 minute of the match; before or after that time, odds not only would not come in enough, but would often come out, so dutching would result in a loss rather than profit.

Originally Posted by NVP. Nov 26, , 8: I also look at sports betting and there are ways of making money using the exchanges,but again it is a long term discipline just like trading. If you can succeed at sports betting you should be able to trade and vice versa.

I look at all the bet comparison sites and look for a horse that is bigger on betfair than on all the bookies. Now of course most horses are bigger.

I then place win bets on that horse. I then lay off at a better price when the bookies have started to lay of their money which they will via the exchanges just before the off. There are lots of arbitrage players in the market and it is now hard to succeed,so I just reversed it. Nov 26, , 9: Originally Posted by Lord Flasheart. Nov 26, , 1: Originally Posted by rsh Jun 17, , 1: Read through this thread it's interesting.

I went through test period of laying the draw and laying over 2. I was doing it with small stakes it worked ok I didn't see it out for long enough as I was also betting at the time so any money I was making on Trading I was losing betting. I am going to start paper trading a few ideas just on any football thats on pre season. Once I get a strategy together I will trade for real and not bet.

It's been a while since anyone posted in here so any recent strategies people want to share I would love to hear. Jul 7, , 2: Jul 15, , 1: It's been ages since I posted on T2W but, as the thread still active, I thought it might be useful to share some of my experience of betting and trading football matches on Betfair.

In the past year I have concentrated, almost exclusively, on this to make some extra money. I'm a trader, more than a backer or layer.

When Team Sheets Are Released – Betfair Football Trading Strategies

Football Trading. On this page I will give you my strategies for football trading focusing on the first half of a match. There is not that much information regarding football trading other . Football trading strategies like this suit some more than others, it’s reliant on your level of player and team knowledge, unlike other football trading strategies. On the Geeks Toy forums some time ago a guy called Wazoo posted this thread. Nov 25,  · Football Trading Strategy Post by mrkidd85» Mon Nov 22, am I've recently thought of this new strategy that's been doing quite well for me in the last day or two.