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Cash settled contracts do not involve the physical transfer of the underlying asset when they are exercised or settled. Ah, I get it. That's all free as well! View my complete profile. This approach is not correct when you are dealing with the options. My guess is the my option value should see negative value only if the underlying starts trading above level.

Sell a Call Option Call Price C 0 55 Strike Price K 60 Stock Price S T > K 50 Stock Price S T K 0 S T.

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I can confirm it is smoothly working for all. Hello Parimal, We finished one workshop in Ahmedabad few week earlier. Next workshop in Ahmedabad is not yet planned. Alternatively, you can opt for online more or in Mumbai. This is very nice information. Thank you so much Traders in india. When is d next workshop in mumbai. My number is Can you please name all the individual strategies covered in this course.

Options Strategy Trading training program is open for individuals who are serious about Options strategy trading using correct methodologies and tools. Those who wish to make consistence money using Option strategy trading. We strongly recommend to register earlier at least a week before workshop for following reasons: This avoids last moment installation and activation of tools.

You get enough time to practice tools and get used to it. You get enough time to study module 1 Options Basics PDF that will help to build foundation for workshop. There are some exercises at the end of this PDF. You will get early bird discount. Now you can pay Rs to enroll We will share tools and initial study materials and pay balance of Rs at the venue before start of workshop.

If individual who had already paid gets another member and participate in same workshop, will get benefit of Group Discount. Options Strategy Trading Workshop Schedule: If there is urgent requirement for Options Strategy Trading training, you can discuss with me. Or you can pay online immediately using PayUMoney. It accepts credit cards, debit cards or net banking. Center for Financial Literacy August 12, at 7: Santosh Kumar Pasi August 12, at 8: Anant Patole September 24, at Santosh Kumar Pasi September 28, at 8: Subhash Jain September 30, at Santosh Kumar Pasi September 30, at Anonymous October 3, at 9: Santosh Kumar Pasi October 3, at Bharat Kamdar December 17, at 3: Santosh Kumar Pasi December 20, at 8: Subhash Jain February 21, at 8: Santosh Kumar Pasi February 21, at 9: Ravi Kumar April 4, at 9: Santosh Kumar Pasi April 4, at Harish Aravinth May 2, at 1: Santosh Kumar Pasi May 21, at Santosh Kumar Pasi November 2, at Santosh Kumar Pasi March 6, at Engineer's Chaupal March 21, at Santosh Kumar Pasi August 19, at Unknown August 27, at 8: Then is there are any chances that my premium value comes to zero?

In fact, you can square off anytime before the expiry. Thank you sir for reply. Suppose 1 day before expiry it is trading at 50 CE. Suppose 1 day before expiry it is trading at 5CE. Suppose in swing trade , I am in loss in this contract and did not close my position on expiry ON 3. Capital gains will be taxed based on your income bracket.

Suggest you read this module on taxation — https: And also if market trends up again till Jan my prize also goes up? Or am I obligated to hold that position till expiry? Both buyers and sellers of options have the flexibility to square off their positions anytime they wish, no need to wait for expiry.

And as per expectations price and premium goes up therefore i wanted to book profit. I was entering exit order at market price but everytime order was getting rejected. When we buy option we have right to exercise it any time then why my order was rejected? After entering exit order for minimum times my sell order gets executed n i earned profit. So, please tell me whether i was doing any wrong process or there is something about call square off before expiry which i dont know..

Sir, I was not getting any error. At end instead of selling at market price i clicked on limit price that time my order gets executed. Ah, I get it.

We do not allow market order for stock option, it has to be a limit order. This is because of the lack of liquidity and the associated volatility. Also, whenever an order is rejected, there will be a rejection reason which is displayed. That will give you the information. Is it easy to sell this huge qty on expiry day? As you have mentioned in the module Call Options , the loss is limited to the premium that we paid.

Infact it went down. Since the price went down, I did not sell the stock as i do not want to take more loss. The loss when you buy an option call or put is restricted to the extent of the premium paid.

Hence, your loss here would be Theoretically, when PE increases, CE should decrease and vice-versa. Options premiums have multiple forces acting on them simultaneously. The direction of the market is just one of them. But the answer to your query is because of Volatility. Increase in volatility increases option premiums and vice versa. I need to execute the below orders 1. Buy 1 lot of Bank Nifty options i. Sell 1 lot of Bank Nifty options i. The maximum loss I can incur is around and the maximum profit is around , then why do I need 59K?

Is it a requirement from Exchanges? I bought Reliance Call at Rs. If I buy option for intraday MIS as order. Can we expect monthly unlimited plans for options traders or derivative segments? Because of this plan so many peoples are preferring to open account in ProStocks especially day traders. Hope you will come with some plans for day traders too like investors, there is no doubt about your services one of the best broker in India thank you so much for this.

Sunil, multiple plans only confuse clients. Now can i square-off my position at this stage or do i have to wait mandatory till the contract expire. No extra charges for this. If you leave the option to expiry, that is considered as expressing your interest to exercise the option.

Please clear my doubt regarding options trading. I purchase 1 lot of the same. Can I book profit by selling that 1 lot even though the stock has not hit the strike price? Two days later, it went all way up to Rs. Finally, it expired worthless resulting in a loss. If I buy any stock in option,and I want to sell in stock in profit,so I can wait for my expiry date or before I can book profit. There are only 3 possible scenarios, out which 2 indeed benefit Venu.

Statistically, Venu has You have considered all possible outcomes equally probable. I get your point, Rayan. Perhaps I should have worded it better. What I really meant to say was — out of the 3 possible outcomes, 2 favor Venu. This gives Venu an edge, but like you mentioned, all the three scenarios have an equal probability of occurrence. I guess you did not understand my question.. I just have a query. Is it necessary for the option contract to cross the strike price to be in profit.

Or we can book profit by squaring off on the same day or days after if the premium is increased, but still the strike price is not reached. Eg — Purchased Put option of Nifty with a strike price of 67 squared off at premium , but the strike price of is not reached yet.

And how to calculate profit after the contract crosses the strike price?? Your profit will be the difference between the buy and sell price of the strike…i. All my doubts are cleared now regarding the calculation of profit. I am feeling more confident now. Upone expiry, if you exercise your option and If STT is more than intrinsic value, then zerodha will automatically lapse it. You need to check this, Sandeep — https: Regarding the new rule of product suitability to curb retail participation in fno products will this be extended even to intraday stock trading with leverage BO and CO orders or is it limited to only futures and options?

Hi Just opened an account with Zeroda. Nothing really, you just need to have enough margins. You can use this for figuring out the margins required — https: Hello, I am new to trading. I want to trade in Call and Put options. Kindly guide me How and Where to start. Sir pls have one module on option chain analysis. Since two days i. Option Stock market orders are not allowed block type: One thing I am not understanding whether this problem is only with me?

Market orders are not allowed on stock options due to liquidity issues. You can, however, place a limit order. You can read more on this here. Are you placing a market order in TCS options?

If yes, Mkt order is not allowed in stock options. I am a beginner. Option call is nicely explained with examples and I think probably I understood. Now my query is , does the premium price a function of difference of price between current and strike price? These are ITM options and they are the safest to trade when in confusion about strike selection. Hi, Thanks for your kind support and knowledge sharing… Your way of teaching is very good and easy to understand.

Thanks karthik for this informative module and the even more informative patiently answered comments. The current premium could, in fact, be much lower than —not likely but possible.

Is the problem that finding a suitably priced option seller is hard, or that offloading it at short notice is hard, or that offloading it at all when opportunity presents, and before expiry, at a suitable price is hard? In other words, assuming large favorable movements in the index, is it that the full potential profit cannot be realized, or that there is a risk of getting no profits at all? Higher the liquidity, better it is 4 In fact, no defaults in NSE on anything till date: The margin deposit is a function of volatility, higher the volatility, higher is the deposit.

Long-term options have low liquidity, hence prices are also skewed. Hi, I am a newbie to the stock market but understand the basics, i. Question 1 What will happen to the call option example if we buy a call option of xyz share spot price and strike price call purchasing price is 4rs.

Question 2 if we buy a put of abc share expecting that the price will fall but it falls more than our strike price still we will be in profit and can we still hold that put buy position? Hi Sir, I will really appreciated if you can let me know how to place stop loss order for stock options. I have the facility to place Stop Loss Market order but that is too dangerous. What other choices do I have?

How can I make sure that my order is filled and with minimum slippage. Now how can I sell this call option with minimum slippage as 46 rupees is too high to loose. Will really appreciate if you can help me with this.

Thank you very much in advance. Ron, you cannot place a market order in stock options with Zerodha. The only way to control slippage is by placing limit orders.

Else, ensure you trade in options where the liquidity is high, hence low slippage. Hi Karthik, Thank you so much for your reply. Once again the question is below. Ron, the only way to avoid slippage is to buy or sell at specific price, which you can do so by placing a limit order. If you place market orders, then there will be slippage.

Whats the difference between options and futures? These two topics are very elaborate. Ankesh, you can look for this in Kite itself. More on charting here — https: Hello Karthik, Can you please through light on this, assume a situation where Nifty 50 is at 1st Sept and i have Long Call position on with premium for 27th Dec Please tell me that what will happen in terms of premium..

Vinayak, you will not have Dec contract available in Sept. It will be available only in Oct. Anyway, estimating the exact value is difficult. But your profitability will be highest on 30th Sept and lowest for 27th Dec. Now we have 1 week left for the option to expiry, do you think it will work out. And if the nifty closes above 10, then I will get to keep the entire amount of 2.

A very stupid question then why not everyone sells these OTM options and make sure that they make some profit if not huge profits. That makes sense, Ron. Most sensible people try and write OTM options and collect small but steady premiums.

However, this does not attract the majority of the trading community as they seek quick and large profits buy OTM options. Yes, the physical settlement is applicable only to stock futures and options.

Not the index futures and options. In the following comments i see people talking about, two ways to booking profit. Increase in premium, booking profit. I understood 1st one. Can you ellaborate on the topic related to premium and profiting.

Vicky, you can book profits when you think the premiums have gone up, no need to wait for expiry. I guess this is what the 2nd point talks about. Himanshu, there is no weekly expiry for any other instrument apart from Bank Nifty. Even though I get the direction correct I end up not making money. Let me just explain my problem with live trade I still hold the position.

The direction was correct and I could see around 20, rs in my portfolio while the Underlying closed at But later in the afternoon the underlying stock went up and the close for the day was My portfolio now shows a negative value of rupees. My concern here is that I buy long put when the stock was trading at and now the stock is at so which means my option should still have some positive value, why is it negative rupees.

My guess is the my option value should see negative value only if the underlying starts trading above level. I just hope that I was able to explain you with my problem. Ron, I understand your concern.

This approach is not correct when you are dealing with the options. Remember, the option premium is affected by not just the direction delta but also with the speed at which the direction changes gamma , time theta , and the volatility vega. So when you see the option premium as say Rs. So in your case, the direction was in your favor, but time was not 15 more days to expiry , and going by your explanation, I suspect the volatility was high when you bought the option and it kind of cooled off when the stock bounced from to Also, when you are dealing with options, be quick to take profits off the table, especially when you are not planning an expiry strategy.

Thank you so much Karthik, really appreciated your quick response. What do you prefer personally to trade. Dear Karthink, One more question. Also, can you please tell me why does this happen?

So, doest that mean I cannot buy next or far month contract if I want to buy that today i. This is because not many traders are willing to trade these contracts, hence the liquidity is low. How does this change Impacts in Intraday of Options? I guess you are talking about the new ASM margins, suggest you take a look at this thread — https: Dear Karthik, Sorry to bother you again.

Can you please let me know which is best and most reliable indicator for Volatility? Also how should I check the volatility, Weekly, daily or the timeframe that I use for my trading 60 Mins, 15mins or 5 mins chart. Let say I trade bank nifty or any individual stock using 60 mins timeframe but use 5 mins chart for entry and exit. So should I check volatility on daily chart or 60 mins chart or 5 mins chart?

Thank you once again for all you do for us. Really appreciate the time you give to all of us. Best regards Ron Kalra. You can read more about it here — https: Here is a quick recap of the history of the Indian derivative markets — June 12th — Index futures were launched June 4th —Index options were launched July 2nd — Stock options were launched November 9th — Single stock futures were launched.

Ajay wants to play it safe, he thinks through the whole situation and finally proposes a special structured arrangement to Venu, which Ajay believes is a win-win for both of them, the details of the arrangement is as follows — Ajay pays an upfront fee of Rs. Consider this as a non refundable agreement fees that Ajay pays Against this fees, Venu agrees to sell the land after 6 months to Ajay The price of the sale which is expected 6 months later is fixed today at Rs.

Do note, he is fixing a price and paying an additional Rs. However irrespective of what happens to the highway, there are only three possible outcomes — Once the highway project comes up, the price of the land would go up, say it shoots up to Rs. Scenario 1 — Price goes up to Rs. So how much money is Ajay making? Scenario 2 — Price goes down to Rs. Here is the math that explains why it does not make sense to buy the land — Remember the sale price is fixed at Rs.

Scenario 3 — Price stays at Rs. Agreed Ajay would lose 1 lakh, but the best part is that Ajay knows his maximum loss which is 1 lakh before hand.

Hence there are no negative surprises for him. Also, as and when the land prices increases, so would his profits and therefore his returns. He would lose a lot of money if the land prices increases after 6 months right? Well, think about it. The agreement is entered after the exchange of 1 lakh, hence 1 lakh is the price of this option agreement. As a thumb rule, in an options agreement the buyer always has a right and the seller has an obligation I would suggest you be absolutely thorough with this example.

Let us now proceed to understand the same example from the stock market perspective. And they are- The stock price can go up, say Rs. Now that we are through with the various concepts, let us understand options and their associated terms Variable Ajay — Venu Transaction Stock Example Remark Underlying 1 acre land Stock Do note the concept of lot size is applicable in options.

So just like in the land deal where the deal was on 1 acre land, not more or not less, the option contract will be the lot size Expiry 6 months 1 month Like in futures there are 3 expiries available Reference Price Rs. We will understand the logic soon Regulator None, based on good faith Stock Exchange All options are cash settled, no defaults have occurred until now. 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1.2 – A Special Agreement

Call Option | Put Option – Option Trading Basics Over the last few years, domestic stock markets have witnessed an increased interest in the Futures & Options (F&O) . Though the options market has been around since , the real liquidity in the Indian index options was seen only in ! I remember trading options around that time, the spreads were high and getting fills was a big deal. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Options Trading" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with