Indian Securities market – A Review

The company further agrees that a director shall not be a member in more than 10 committees or act as Chairman of more than five committees across all companies in which he is a director. Through changes in the share prices, a stock exchange indicates the changes in economic conditions. There are different product segments — Equity, Debt and Mutual Funds. The capital market segment commenced its working in November They are as follows:

trading system of otcei Electronic quotation and trading system for overthecounter (OTC) securities. If you are seeing your online bank account very carefully, you will find the information about, how did fund transfer in trading system of otcei your bank account. 80 Section A (Theory) 1.

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OTC exchange E-group

The trading cycle is Friday-Thursday, 10a.m - p.m on Monday-Friday. How to buy/sell scrip on OTCEI The investor approaches any of the brokers (Members/ Dealers) and views the screen displaying the best current quotes/ prices offered. Over The Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) was incorporated in October under Section 25 of the Companies Act, with the objective of setting up a national, ringless, screen-based, automated stock exchange. Trading System The OTCEI dealer's screen has a left and right half for the sell and buy counters. The sell counter gives: the rate, the number of shares offered and the name of the market maker. It is always in an ascending order with the lowest buy quote given at .