8 Top Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Conversion Strategy

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Your strategy should integrate your social media and email marketing efforts. Create a system aimed at getting traffic from social media to convert into email subscribers, thereby making it easy.

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Sumo offers a wide selection of tools to help you generate more customers and traffic, as well as to track your success and to understand visitor behavior in order to optimize your website.

In terms of conversion optimization, Sumo has several tools for tracking your success: Apart from all of these features, Sumo also integrates with Google Analytics so you can see all of your website stats directly in the dashboard, as well as tools for creating pop-ups, welcome mats, and contact forms. Lusha is a browser extension that works with LinkedIn and Twitter and quickly pulls up their direct contact information — and not just their email address like with most similar tools, but also their direct phone number.

This will allow you to reach out to your sales prospects directly and thus increasing your chances of getting a positive response. Are you using LinkedIn to find potential prospects? Not to mention, if you search for sales prospects regularly, the free LinkedIn profile only allows for a few searches a month. One of its main features is the advanced lead and company search. Plus, the tool will also give you regular lead recommendations based on your needs to help you save even more time. Wishpond is a complex marketing tool that offers quite a few different lead capture tools — most of which are essential to a growing business.

You can use it to build landing pages, contests and other types of promotions, pop-ups and online forms, as well as email marketing and marketing automation campaigns. The builder is very easy and intuitive to use. Once you generate leads, you can also use Wishpond to nurture them along the sales funnel into becoming paying customers with email marketing and marketing automation campaigns. Hello Bar is a simple, yet highly effective lead capture tool that will not only help you generate more subscribers for your email list, but will also help you generate more social media shares and more followers.

To get started, simply enter your website URL and you will then be able to select the goal you want to achieve: Social media can be a highly effective way of growing your business online, generating more awareness and interest, as well as more leads for your business. However, in order to have a truly successful strategy, you need to make sure that each of your other channels is conversion-ready too.

Lilach helps her clients build successful online businesses. Lilach is a proud mum based in London, UK. More Posts - Website. What kinds of tools do you need? SEO tools Social media sites and search engines are the biggest traffic generators. Leads and sales prospecting tools for B2B companies In order to grow your business, you need to not only generate leads on a consistent basis, but you also need to find prospects.

To understand what your visitors are up to on your website. See session recordings of visits to understand how your visitors browse your website, including every movement of their mouse and any click they make to see what bugs or navigation issues you might have.

This way, you can create different versions of the same pages to see which ones perform better and drive the most conversions overall To build personalized experiences. The more you know about your audience, the better you can personalize their browsing experience in order to generate more conversions.

Heatmaps that tell you where people are clicking on your website to help you position your calls to action and most important information in the best place. This was Jam Packed with resources. I guess i just need to focus more on certain areas. I love them both! This post might help with narrowing your focus: Oh thanks for mentioning Tailwind!

The reason I prefer Planoly is because I use Photoshop to design my images and need a tool that allows uploading from the computer. You may want to look into Later, which is similar to Planoly, and offers a free subscription: I just started my blog for predental and dental students yesterday and I have already used Canva so much.

As others have mentioned I will be reading this a few times through and saving it for reference. I wonder if you learned this all on your own or if you took a class? Thanks so much, Theresa! Hey Sandra, you mentioned you wished there was a better way to promote new posts in SmarterQueue. Then I add my each of my tweets as one-time posts in that category. I also add the tweets to my regular categories, which automatically re-post.

Hi Tonia, thanks so much for your tip! Thanks for the sharing this. I appreciate the knowledge. Hey Liz, I see the best engagement on Pinterest during the weekdays and on Twitter between am.

Completely the exact opposite of what I expected. Checking analytics on each platform is definitely key to knowing when your audience are active. Many post about building traffic but none with this much information without a hefty price tag. I started my blog last year and it has not gone well for me so far.

So much so I stopped writing for a bit because I felt overwhelmed by all the efforts and still no traffic. Some key steps missing. It makes so much sense but I used to think that was a no-no. You have an amazing blog and you should definitely hang in there.

There are so many who can benefit from your DIY builder projects!! Also, Pinterest, YouTube, and probably Instagram would be great channels for you.

8 Top Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Conversion Strategy

Jul 05,  · Make conversion on social media easy A major problem in regard to social media marketing is the lack of opportunities to convert users. At least, this . Ready to rock social media? Here's how to create a social media marketing strategy that gets you more traffic, followers, subscribers, and sales. Click through to start developing an effective social media marketing strategy and social media content strategy. 8 Top Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Conversion Strategy. By Lilach Bullock. Posted May 25, In Content Marketing, Online Tools, Social Media Strategy In this post, I share some of the best tools to use in conjunction with your social media strategy. What kinds of tools do you need?