How the 10 Pips a Day Forex Strategy Can Blow Your Trading Account

We agree to disagree. The value of ATR 21 at that time was 0. I am not driven by this number, however, it is one which delivers me an income I am happy with. Oco orders are a good idea. Then goes back to being lazy. For example a pip target with a pip stop loss would be 3R.

pips a day forex domination system As we can see from the screenshot above: The pips Momentum indicator BLUE line cut below the RED line and at the same time, pips Power and pips Direction indicator all show a DOWN signal.

Forex 100 Pips a day system ! Money Back Guaranted !

Seedassure Sunday, 08 April What if the six trades are not executed the same time. Will it still work out. It is perfect for beginners and people with 9am-5pm day jobs. It uses pure mathematical calculations that even a child can do. The algorithm is based on a 6: Forex Candlestick charts show sets of data consisting of open, high, low, and close values of each period.

In a hollow candlestick where closing price is higher than opening price, the lower body shows opening price and the upper body shows closing price. In a filled candlestick where closing price is lower than opening price, the lower body shows closing price and the upper body shows opening price. Hollow means stocks up and filled means stock is down. This simple system is time based and can be used only once a day. You will have to place orders every day at the same time.

The system uses smart money managment and profit targets and gives you the opportunity to make pips even on pips pair move! We are taking advantage of the Asian session opening at around 7: The rules of this system are simple, and managing trades, and calculating levels will take no more than five minutes of your time. The only tricky part is using your knowledge to set limit orders.

Identify your entry levels 3. All your trades will be executed by your limit orders.. Write a comment Comments: This website uses cookies. Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better.

Open a LONG position when all these conditions are satisfied: The stoploss value will be derived from the ATR 21 indicator. There are two ways to exit your trade. As we can see from the screenshot above: The value of ATR 21 at that time was 0. So the stoploss was set at 1. We used the 1: So the Take profit was set at 1. Thanks for your comment. I never mentioned anything about not needing an edge. Of course a trading edge is required to make money consistently. But a trader with an edge using an average 2R minimum will outperform a trader using the same edge using an average 1R minimum.

Which is to trade with momentum from key levels using price action as confirmation. There are some strategies which are designed to work better shooting for a consistent 1R. The way I trade on the other hand is to use a 2R minimum. It just works best for the way I trade. We agree to disagree. If you like you can trade Options and results are the same. I think, those numbers are nice, but not reachable for most of retail traders.

Maybe, it is an some kind of example for the article. So I woul like to know your point of view on this. Are there any stats or whitepapers or experience from your work with students or something… what yearly gain is quite often reachable at majority of retail traders?

Thank you and keep doing good work. Therefore that percentage is reserved for those who have an edge and have mastered the ability to control their emotions, among other things.

In fact I often make that in a single trade. The figures I gave in the article are just examples. Some truly excellent articles on this website, thanks for contribution. That 1 lot trading is very risk. Most of currency pair going to your way about 5 pips because as every body know market never never straightly going to one direction from the start to end.

So you can trade. You dont need SL. Just trade the major pairs with very low spread or ecn account. Dont hope longterm stretagy because you have to wait many days to see you loss. You have to wait many days to put one of your trade and another many waiting days to know win or loss. Most people who teaching on line are believe in longterm strategy but only people who show hundred of their won trades in youtube are more trustable.

Nearly every experience traders can teach without their live and real trading show. Sorry, I do not understand this explanation. You state 10 pips but use a 90 pip stop loss? Look at 10 pips like this…. Risk is 1pct, which would be 10 dollars per trade…divide 10 dollars by 10 …. My margin is Now every time you trade you adj amount you are trading accordingly so that u always are trading with the same risk.

Go in to each trade with 10 pip stop and 10 pip take profit.

100 pips a day

May 13,  · i disagree with you, if you could make pips a day, you would be a "billionaire" in 3 months. lol With a leverage and a $ account. You can double your account each day. Given 3 months, you have at least 60 trading days. So you would have $*2^60 after 3 months. That's a lot of money. First time, I used Forex Pips A Day System. Forex Pips A Day System seems to be very critical & many times give fake signals to me. Then I got the information about OZ Robot ( from my friend. After knowing the service of OZ Robot, I analyzed and just $ deposited it. Now OZ Robot gives me a much better profit than . pips per day might be sound intimidating but in reality, many traders are making more than pips in a single day. They simply use the Bollinger band indicator and 3 levels ZZ semafor indicator to make this impossible thing possible in each and every single day.