Ipanema offers plenty of cultural Located near many of Rio De Janeiro's cultural, entertainment and commercial venues, However, Brazil has to overcome many challenges to attract more foreign visitors. Parthenon Queen Elizabeth Flat Ipanema. Na universidade se ensina porque se pesquisa. From Bangu Shopping, Bangu 86 min L. The OCOG budget refers to operating costs, not huge expenses such as stadiums, the Olympic Village, the media centre and infrastructure required to host the momentous event.

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Lucrative sponsorship deals are also a big driver of revenue — sponsorship makes up 20 percent of the total revenue. It is the responsibility of the IOC to distribute the revenue; 10 percent is retained by the IOC for operational and administrative costs, while the remaining 90 percent is distributed to NOCs globally. Part of this 90 percent is also used to cover the expenses of hosting the Olympic Games.

Therefore, the country is entering the Olympic Games on a tourism market high. However, an influx of tourists is not entirely expected. A predicted , tourists will visit Rio during the Olympics. Brazil is currently facing its worst recession in decades; swelling unemployment, double-digit inflation and a corruption scandal that saw the sinking of the state oil company.

However, Brazil has to overcome many challenges to attract more foreign visitors. This includes more accessible visas and adequate infrastructure. Brazilian officials said the water will be clean in time for the games. Another major concern for Brazil — which they will need to seriously consider before the Olympics in order to drive tourism — is the Zika virus.

More than academics around the world have called for the games to be postponed or moved to another country, claiming the WHO is failing to assess the risks posed by the ongoing pandemic. The country will have to reconsider its infrastructure plans, taking into account health and safety guidelines in order to successfully maintain its 12 stadiums and overhaul national transportation to accommodate for the Olympics. A spokesperson on behalf of IOC said: When issues are identified, we expect remedies to be implemented by those responsible for the construction.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has already released a more detailed statement on this topic. How will the Olympics affect the local community? An estimated families were evicted from their homes last year after receiving letters from city hall ordering their removal to make way for a high-speed bus lane connecting the international airport with one of the host villages for the games.

Large companies investing in the Olympics have managed to avoid taxes. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents.

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