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While developing their strategies, traders can utilize the market depth as an additional resource providing information about the current market. Visitors are offered to read, analyse and evaluate traders forecasts by rating or commenting them. This makes flexibility for customisation an important feature for a platform, as it allows it to be tailored to meet the needs of different user categories. In Forex trading MT4 is one of the most popular platforms and can be downloaded for free. MT4 and JForex are two of the leading trading platforms provided by Forex brokers. Wednesday, Dec 20, Bussines introducer program Register now!

JForex API provides the possibility to develop custom software applications using Java programming language. API client library can be linked to customer systems. It communicates directly with Dukascopy Bank trade servers over secure and authenticated Internet sessions.

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It will be very great if you can solve this problem. Thank you very much. Hi Galileo, I don't think it is fixable. It is kind of bridge. If you know how to reset the cache, perhaps it'll fix the problem. Check the original API or ask the users how to reset disable the cache.

Hi M, I have read the api. I cannot find the way to reset the cache. I find the path of cache and tried to delete manually but the files are occupied by the process. It seems that the api will make getbars function not up to date after the instrument is subscribed.

They assume the programmer will get the bar from the onBar event method other than use getbars Does your bridge implement the onBar and onTick method in the IStrategy? I cannot see that there is event when the instrument has some ticks in the bridge.

It will be great if you can implement onBar and onTick event function. You already implement the onAccount event and I think it is not difficult to implement this two event because it is in the same interface. You make my life much easier. Yes, I know this event. But there is some problem with it.

This event only trigger at the first time it subscribed. After that there is no event triggered. If you can implement onBar event, it would be great.

I know you are busy, but Dukascopy's Bar and Tick have different time. They have 10 seconds or 11 seconds different in sometimes. That's make it inconsistent from converting the ticks to bars. It works for me. There is the demo program.

It is called JFmonitor. The on the first tab with messages click clear and then watch the messages in the real time. These messages get generated from the Tick event. Please let me know how it goes. It really does not have message in real time. My JFXMonitor is in I think it is up to date and it is your version Hi Galileo, It works for me. Something is wrong in your installation may be.. I am thinking about putting the code to Codeplex or similar site, but I need an assistant.

Do you want to become one? Are you good at the coding? This comment has been removed by the author. Authentication failed Status Event. Please can you help me? I'm having the same issue. Does this work for anyone lately? Maybe there was an update to the jforex api? I have the same issue. The debug text file log shows a http response. It looks like it tries two different locations and both have the response, maybe the server has changed, or is there an API key that is used that is expired?

Is there anyway I can contact you about the source code for this? Trading Fees Margin requirements. Services for MT4 Brokers.

Bussines introducer program Register now! Trading Contests Strategy Contest. Miss Dukascopy Contest Join Miss Dukascopy contest and express yourself, your abilities, and talents! For webmasters Add Dukascopy Trading Tools on your web for free! Dukascopy TV - Today. Live Webinars Wednesday, Dec 20, Dukascopy Awards View why Dukascopy stays ahead of the competition! More info about platform: Please, refresh the page and try one more time. Why Traders Choose JForex There are many different automated trading solutions available on the market.

Different operation systems support! You can run automated strategies using any operating system Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Automated strategies based on multiple currency pairs! Traders can develop their strategies based on multiple currency pairs. You can also run a historical back test for the selected multiple pairs within one trading strategy.

Historical back tests using real tick data! In contrast with others automated FX solutions providers in which tests results usually are not very accurate due to the use of data interpolation instead of the real tick data, JForex solves this problem by offering a real tick data for a historical back test.

Up to trading indicators! There are up to trading indicators implemented in to JForex, all available to automated FX strategies. Full market depth option! JForex market depth encompasses of the prices and liquidity taken from many different liquidity providers.

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Automated trading JForex platform is recommended for traders interested in manual and automated trading and/or developing and testing trading strategies based on the JAVA programming language. The main functionality and interface of the platform are similar to those of Java platform. Begin by registering a demo account with Dukascopy and start the JForex platform (you can of course register a live account, the data process is the same). Login using the data in the email you received (note that you don’t need the account ID to login) then go to the Tools menu and select Historical Data Manager. CLI for Dukascopy JForex API that will be Trader Contest compliant - a console application for sending orders and managing positions - trader contest compliant (see rules excerpt below and a link).